Welcome Adventurers!

The exciting Village of Kith’takharos and its surrounding Swamps are filled with interesting characters, exciting locations, dangerous creatures and mysteries that have yet to be discovered.

I have resources to run this campaign in either Pathfinder or Savage Worlds. I had planned on 1 weekday evening, anytime from 7-11PM or a weekend morning, 8am-12pm. Game start, length and play dates would be up to the groups convenience.

Alternatively, I can also run this campaign using Fantasy Grounds. (See Below)

All excerpts included here are taken directly from the free setting at The White Haired Man, all rights reserved.

Kith’takharos, An introduction

Port Lissup

Notes on Character Creation

Fantasy Grounds II


Presently I have a full group. We play Tuesday Evenings on Fantasy Grounds @7:30PM-10:30PM EST. If you wish to sit in and view the session to check out Fantasy Grounds and Online Gaming it can easily be arranged.

Kith'takharos, The Wild Frontier

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