Collected Items from Harlass Orn

A summary of what was taken from Harlass Orn


Bundle of two human remains,
1 oz. of F’lurin poison,
An old letter in draconic,
Three scrolls on old common,
Three bronze polls, topped with opaque, fist-sized gems.

If I missed anything, please feel free to add it.


In a marble hallway, we discovered the remains of two humans. Near them was a backpack with the Jade Leaf insignia. They appeared to have been killed by usually large f’lurin. The remains were gathered, and a 1 oz. sample of the f’lurin poison was taken.

The first room seemed to be a very old study, with a desk and some couches. On the desk there was yellowed, brittle parchment and dried out ink vials. The writing on the parchment was in draconic. It read:

“To My Lord Ristan D’Orn,

I fear we will not have time to entirely evacuate the Library and preserve our holdings. I will do the best that I can. I will not send them to Harlass Orn, but to somewhere much more secure. I trust you understand it is safer if you do not know the location. May the Sacres Lady watch over you in these troubling times and may we meet again in Tarass Shar Orn.

Zzhastor Brune, Scholar of Antiquities"

In a second room, which appeared to be a library for creatures slightly larger than humans, we found ancient scrolls. The string holding them together looked as though it would break if touched. They had titles in an ancient form of common. We deciphered the following titles:

“Geographical and Cultural Factors Contributing to the Emergent Halloerin Trade Monopoly on the Upper Karkalin River, by Remses Mandolor III
“Wizardry in the New Millennium, by Hermetium Principori”
“My Journy with El Rayan Bahariya, by Bir Allaq Boullamane”

In that room we also found three bronze pillars with opaque, fist-sized gems in them. Two were mundane, and the third had remnants of magic left, which seemed to dissipate after Cedric lifted it.

Collected Items from Harlass Orn

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