Adventure Log 1

Kith’takharos Date: Sunday, May 1st, xxxx

  • [w] Jocelyn: not sure if you will mention this but am curious about how long we have been on the boat before we pick up now?*

GM: You have been on a thin, long river boat for many hours
GM: The large, flat-bottomed cargo boat maneuvers for a wide turn around a thin jut of land.

Trees and brush overgrow the banks of the miniature peninsula, blocking your view as effectively as a stone wall. Ahead, the narrow channel opens so wide that you cannot see the opposite shore. This must be the ‘Big Water’ you heard the polemen talking about.

And above, the sun blazes, igniting the beads of sweat that roll down your skin. The humid air almost sears your lungs. You wish the morning fog would return for at least a few hours.

As the skiff clears the finger of land, your view resembles the drawing of a window blind. From right to left, the foliage moves across the pane of your eyes, opening them to perhaps the oddest sight you have ever seen: a village in the middle of the swamp, a place of bustling enterprise in the midst of a most inhospitable environment.

Scores of people swarm over the shoreline. Many more move on the wide road that runs straight and true up a gentle hillside. The road begins behind a stone lighthouse at the water’s edge. Then it spans a stone bridge and extends no more than a mile to a keep, a magnificent stone structure with a gate and guard towers.

Near the water, the wooden buildings sit atop stilts, and are often a little ramshackle. Closer to the keep, some buildings acquire stone foundations, or are even constructed entirely of stone.

So these are the Swamp Harvesters, the ignorant savages of the Karkalin River marshlands? They don’t appear so primitive from this perspective. How could they transport so much stone into a swamp? Kings could go broke financing such a venture. Those plants they gather must be every bit as valuable as you have heard.

Docks line the shore, crowded with moored swamp boats. Laborers wrestle cargo between the boats and two-wheeled carts. Your boat angles toward a section of docks fronting an open-air market. You hear a sea of voices now, a background hum from which you can discern no individual words.

You are less than a hundred yards away. The smell of cooking food and unusual spices brushes your nose. Your stomach rumbles in response.

Beside the lighthouse, a man stands on a pile of rocks, gesticulating and speaking to a small crowd. You observe further contrasts between the swamp and the outside world. These people wear fewer clothes: loose-fitting garments, wide-brimmed hats, open footwear. The heat and moist air create an altogether different world.

The boat glides along the dock. The polemen smartly steer between two other craft. Dockworkers catch the ropes and tie off the boat. You step onto the dock, startled by the sudden lack of motion beneath your feet. Kith’takharos lay before you.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I look for any potential rich people on the docks.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: based on clothing and/or obvious jewelry.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: seeing hwo different these people are dressed, that might be difficult to learn.*

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): Kryss, we have finally made it. Even if this is only the begining.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: make a spot check.*

Rungor NoMountain inhales deeply.

Borolo Sidderfom: Are you talking to a snake?

Rungor NoMountain: Smell that swamp air! Can’t you just taste the stink of this place? It’s like a spice merchant and a midden had a youngling!

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): He happens to be a good friend of mine.
Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): A gift from my father.

Jocelyn: I can’t wait to get a warm meal inside me.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you see several people that might be decent marks but they are moving quickly, and might know how to handle themselves if put to it. They do not seem to dawdle about in this hot sun.*

Borolo Sidderfom: That. Is a fantastic idea.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, me too lass. /e sniffs loudly.

You all see many of the boats workers and other paying travelers begin to disembark onto the docks.

  • [w] Jocelyn: will keep an eye on them and as I walk on the docks, if I happen to get close to one with a ring on, I will stumble and lean into that person and try to snatch it…if the opportunity doesn’t show itself I keep moving.*

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): I guess this is where we get off, food does sound delectable at the moment.

Jocelyn: don’t know about the rest of you but I can use a good bath and a meal.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I ask a dock worker to recommend a good tavern/inn.*

Rungor NoMountain: Well, do we just start knocking on doors and looking for stew or should we ask one of these pleasant swamp folk where’s the best food in town?

A dock worker grumbles and shakes his head at Jocelyn when she approaches him.

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): In this weather I’m not sure how good a bath will do. But the dwarf is spot on with the food

Jocelyn: be careful, we know nothing of this town or it’s inhabitants.

A well-dressed man of middle age intercepts you as you step off the dock.

Dorian Orsova: “Good day. I am Dorian Orsova and I represent Lady Salmissra’s government. It is my responsibility to acquaint you with the laws of Kith’takharos.”

He points out a wooden sign posted near the dock. Similar signs are posted at intervals along the shore.

Rungor NoMountain sniffs.

Dorian stands beside one sign and puts a finger on each item as he reads.

Jocelyn: thank you Dorian, I would be glad to know them.

Kryss takes in his scent.

Dorian Orsova: "One. Theft is illegal.
Dorian Orsova: "Two. Murder or attempted murder without fair cause is illegal.

Rungor NoMountain: mutters the law, feels the same everywhere.

Dorian Orsova: "Three. Swamp plants are illegal to harvest, process, or transport without the written permission of Lady Salmissra.

Dorian Orsova: “Four. Any activity that threatens the security or lawful government of Kith’takharos is Treason and punishable by death. Do you understand these laws?”

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): What is the definition of…

Magnis: What constitutes fair cause should I want to murder someone?

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): fair cause?

Dorian Orsova clears his throat.
Dorian Orsova: Damn outlanders.

Rungor NoMountain: Ya know other Sorcerer, I bet a lot of people ask that.

Dorian Orsova: Murder, plain and simple.

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): My apoligies good sir, I merely need to inquire for my own safety.

Jocelyn grinning “I understand them just fine, thank you for taking the time to educate us”.

Dorian Orsova: Keep your nose clean here and you shall have it. Do you…understand these laws?

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): One more question if i may?

Borolo Sidderfom: You only have four laws and one of them is about swamp plants? What sort of people does the Lady give her permission to, exactly?

Dorian Orsova holds up his hand, looking annoyed.

Rungor NoMountain smirking, “Jocelyn lass, I think we’ll get along fine”.

Dorian Orsova: Do you…understand these laws?

Quaril Moonshadow (excited yet trepidatious): I understand, yes, Thank you.

Dorian Orsova looks at each man/woman in turn.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye I do sir, but whats your pretty little sign say?

Jocelyn: yes, now can you direct us to a good tavern/inn kind sir ??

Borolo Sidderfom (flippant): yes, yes. Perfectly clear!

Quaril Moonshadow shakes head.

Dorian Orsova: “Very well, then. We will hold you to that. Enjoy your stay in Kith’takharos.”

Rungor NoMountain leans to Quaril "That sign is just what the man said, right?

He strides away, walking along the shore past the other docks.

Jocelyn: Excuse me !!!!

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): yes, my friend. he read it for us.
Quaril Moonshadow whispering.

Jocelyn: I asked you to direct us to a good tavern/inn please ???

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, sum kinna wizard he is then.

Borolo Sidderfom: Let’s find out about those inns.
Borolo Sidderfom: [SKILL] Gather Information [MOD:CHA] [1d20+1 = 12]

A tall man kneels on the shore before a crowd of children, relating a story with animated flourishes. His gold earring flashes in the sunlight. The children sit rapt and wide-eyed, an amazing feat that speaks well of the man’s storytelling abilities. Smiling parents stand nearby.

Koran Thelig: “Gather round children, as I, Koran, relate what only I have seen. Well, at the least, seen and returned to tell the tale. On a dare it was that Dothar challenged me to cross the Big Water and enter the old temple. And that is not all, for I was required to bring back proof of my visit.

  • [w] Jocelyn: am I close enough to do an appraise check on the earring?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: it looks like an average gold earring, nothing special.*

Koran Thelig: “Ah, do not hide your eyes child. No need for fear. I stand before you, do I not? Of course I returned. I chose my time well. Just after the spring floods, the mist was thick, with only my finely tuned senses to guide my skiff across miles of open water. The moon was many days away as I pushed from shore in the darkest night. So silent, I almost could not hear the water against the hull. That is, until I ate the P’keri. Ha-ha. Then, by the gods, my heartbeat was a roar in my ears. I chose my time well. Just after the spring floods, the mist was thick, with only my finely tuned senses to guide my skiff across miles of open water. The moon was many days away as I pushed from shore in the darkest night. So silent, I almost could not hear the water against the hull. That is, until I ate the P’keri. Ha-ha. Then, by the gods, my heartbeat was a roar in my ears. Many hours passed, and I began to worry the P’keri would expire before I reached shore. But, by a most subtle amount, the sound of the water changed and I knew that high ground was near. My boat slid gently to a stop. Before leaping forward, I applied S’pal, should the danger prove excessive and a temporary retreat become necessary. Ho-ho, was I afraid? No time for such distractions. I realized in the moments before the S’pal took effect that the massive shadow looming through the fog must be the temple itself. The flooding had raised the water so that the structure was but a scant five yards from shore. Perhaps lucky for me were my boat to require my sudden attention. Imagine creeping towards the ancient structure, an abandoned temple to some god, maybe even an evil god. Ha-ha, you cringe at the thought. How soon you forget that I yet stand before you. As the mist hid the mysteries within the temple, it cloaked my stealthy advance. The dim light drained all surfaces of color. The moss covered the walls in great patches, like some giant bruise or scab. I circled the entire building once before I entered. I wanted no surprises."*

  • [w] Jocelyn: any of the parents standing around have any visible jewelry on them?*

Koran Thelig: “Ah, it was magnificent in its decadence and decay. Marble columns surrounded the main building, alas, many of them chipped and cracked. Intricate designs once decorated them, perhaps illustrating stories of long ago. But time and the weather have silenced the old voices. What have we lost? We may never know.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Nothing of real note.*

Koran Thelig: “Why? Tales of the evil across the water frighten the children into obedience. Ho-ho, but might there not be truth in them? I know the truth, so listen carefully. I mounted the broad marble steps at the front of the temple. Cracked and slippery they were. The rear of the temple had sunk into the softer ground near the shore. This raised the front so that the first step was a little taller than the rest. I hopped up and entered the building, a simple structure of marble blocks. I risked exposing a small light! This was a dare, and I, Koran, have never been bested in a dare. I told myself Dothar would not have the nerve to face me when I returned. Ha-ha! You have seen this is true. The main room smelled musty from sheltering years of decay. But it was also very clean, and that set me on edge. Two doorways stood on either side of a large stone block. A faint metallic odor suggested a particular origin to the dark stains upon it. Ah, dark places hold dark things, my children. Yet I had found no proof of my visit. I slipped through one doorway into a hall. A curious chill emanated from one of the walls. Water droplets beaded on the stones and the floor was very slippery. I saw a doorway in the wall, and thought my proof might be close at hand. Well, the inside of that room was cold, cold as you have never known it, cold as only stories of the mountains tell. You have heard of the faraway white peaks? Ah-ha, that is caused by snow, but another form of water. A small room, filled with this white snow. So cold that it hurt. Ah…but…I was not alone in this room. A man, of all things, was sitting in the corner. A very cold man, dusted with snow, staring at me with wide eyes, never blinking. Yes, lean closer children. Dead he was, dead as a young swamp dragon tangled in F’lunin. Hard too, so that when I tapped him it was like rapping on wood. He was dressed in fine clothes. Out on the river, I would take him for a merchant. Well, his days of money counting were over."

  • [w] Jocelyn: what race is the storyteller?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: Human*

Koran Thelig: “Now, I did not wish to load a dead merchant onto my boat. I looked around, and with my knife chipped away a large fragment of this snow. Where it touched my hand, it immediately melted and became water. So I dropped it and cut off an even larger piece so that it fell into my pouch. With luck, it would last the trip home. I moved quickly to my boat and pushed off into the concealing mist. Ah, to this day I marvel that I was not discovered by whatever creature makes use of the temple. My P’keri-heightened senses heard a faint buzzing once I had gained the benefit of some distance. Was something following me? I’ll never know. The source of the buzzing, I cannot guess. But my prize! The precious snow lasted just long enough to seal my triumph over the boasts of Dothar. Ha! Over there, can you see him skulking in the shadows? He has not the heart to face me. What? Of course I informed the Lady Salmissra. Perhaps you’d like to explore further? Ho-ho! I thought not.”

With that the group quickly disbands among claps and hoots going about their business for the day.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Quite the storyteller aye?

Rungor NoMountain: Was a good poem, now Dwarf stories, the shortest go on for 3 hours or more. Sundown stories they’re called.

Borolo Sidderfom: Well, either the old man is spinning yarn or there’s something awesome and blessedly cold across the lake.

Jocelyn approached Koran.

Magnis: An old fisherman’s tale I’m sure.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): a bit of the chill might do this place nice, but glorious it is none-the-less.

Before anyone can get up to him he moved off toward the town amongst many others. The heat bores down upon you. These people do not appear to dawdle much and appear to move quickly to get where ever it is they plan to go.

Jocelyn: Kind sir, if you could tell me more about this P’keri and how it heightened your senses I would be much obliged?

Quaril Moonshadow: removes the sleaves of his clothes.

Borolo Sidderfom: Sounds like a drug, maybe something local.

Your words fade as you notice he is not listening and he disappears amongst the large dispersing crowd.

Jocelyn: I am interested in this P’keri.

Rungor NoMountain: Quaril, what say you and I start up the street looking for something that looks like an inn. I’m sure they’ll have a sign.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Sound like a decadent plan. I would like to talk to this lady Salsimirsa sometime in the near future.

Rungor NoMountain: Quaril, look at this sign, must be the Snowy Snake, judging by the sign. Sounds like your kind of place!

  • [w] Jocelyn: Looks around the market to see what type of goods are sold here.*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Haha, yes. the salted eel I believe is what the sign says.

This market has many different kinds of fish and seaffood, breads, baskets, cloth goods.

Magnis: After that journey a drink will sooth my bones.

Jocelyn: perhaps we should head over to that building where all the people are entering and leaving…looks like an inn of some sort.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): but the snowy snake would sound so much better.

Rungor NoMountain: It’s got a picture of a snake on it…see the long squiggly thing? No matter, they’re booze is probably cheap and I could stand to keep all my coin.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Ha, and I could use some information.

Jocelyn: I think I will need to get another set of clothing while I am here…perhaps lighter in material.

Rungor NoMountain: Fine Sorcerers, lets find it at the bottom of a mug.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I stop at a vendor stand that might have a nice set of clothing I could wear.*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Yes.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Looking for very light material to help offset the heat.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: You see sheer cloths, satins, hats.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: which looks lighter?*

You all notice Jocelyn speaking to one of the merchants next to a table with lots of different kinds of clothing upon it.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Silks and satins but they are expensive.*

Borolo Sidderfom: You coming Jojo? It’s drinkin’ time.

  • [w] Quaril Moonshadow: whats she doing?*
  • [w] Jocelyn: Asks the vendor how late they will be here today?*

Jocelyn: On my way

Borolo Sidderfom: ONWARD!

  • [w] → Quaril Moonshadow: She is seeing about buying some sheer clothing.*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Looking to buy something a little more, swampy, are we?

Jocelyn: More heat friendly I think.

Quaril Moonshadow holds the door open for everyone. "I enjoy my clothing with detachable parts.

Rungor NoMountain goes inside, checking for bouncers along the way.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Good for every occasion.

  • [w] Jocelyn: did I get an answer about how long the clothing vendor would be there?*

Borolo Sidderfom: approaches the bar. “Barkeep! Ale if ya please!”

Jocelyn: Finds an empty table, if there is one.

Rungor NoMountain: Proprietor! I’d like 5 pints of your local brew! What are the rest of you having?

Rungor NoMountain Joins Jocelyn’s table.

Jocelyn: Nothing for me thanks.

Magnis Follows Borolo to the bar.

Cyrus Morgan: A large, balding man looks up at you.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): I am set as well, this is a time for you to drink!

Cyrus Morgan: What can I do ya for gents?

Jocelyn: Winks at the barmaid as she approaches.

Borolo Sidderfom: ALE! Down here. Sir.

The barmaid gives her a strange look as she passes.

Cyrus Morgan: Ales, comin right up.

Ales are quickly finding their way down the bar toward you all.

Magnis Turns away from the bar to survey the room.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I look around and take in the others…how many, what are they doing, etc.*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): I am good on the ale, but I believe my dwarvish friend would enjoy a few pints of the preferred brew of this inn.

  • [w] Jocelyn: others as in npc’s.*

You see about 4 others in here, its not quite dinner time yet and these 4 look somewhat bedraggled like they might be in here a lot.

Magnis: No better place to learn a town’s dirt than its inn.

Rungor NoMountain: Drink is drink Sorcerer. But thanks for looking out for me.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Are they all at the same table?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: No.*

Quaril Moonshadow smiles.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: 2 are together and 2 are separate…1 of the separate guys is snoring leaning back in his chair.*

Borolo Sidderfom: Okay, so the way I see it we have two choices right now.

Jocelyn: I would like to order some food when you get a chance ma’am.

Borolo Sidderfom: We can get ruined and figure out what’s up in this town later.

The barmaids asks what you would like?

Quaril Moonshadow joins Josy and Rungor.

Jocelyn: What is your special today?

Borolo Sidderfom: Or we can see what’s what with the duffer on the docks.

Well, Eel is always a specialty here miss.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Does the snoring fellow have a visible coin purse on him?*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): I would like some of that then, please.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Not that you could see from here.*

The barmaid nods and heads off.

Borolo Sidderfom: Make it two! (shouted)

Jocelyn: What else do you have? I don’t want to scare my friend’s snake by thinking I am eating a relative.

Magnis Acknowledges Borolo then points to the 4 patrons.

She is gone before Jocelyn’s order.

Magnis: We could question them for starters.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Hey Boro, tell her ta make it three, for the lass.

  • [w] Jocelyn: where is he located in the bar? is there something else nearby that I could walk to without arousing suspicion and get a better look?*

Quaril Moonshadow laughs.

Cyrus Morgan: Oh, you be talking about ole Kelig do ye?

Borolo Sidderfom: K-something, yeah. Told a story about a temple.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: He is kind of in the center, not much room for hiding.*

Borolo Sidderfom: Did he really bring back ice?

Cyrus Morgan: Bleh, he tells that story thrice a day since he came back.

  • [w] Jocelyn: is he leaning backwards while sleeping or does he have his head on the table asleep?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: He is leaning back in the chair.*

Cyrus Morgan: Hey, if your lookin fer rooms, I have a few.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Does it look fairly balanced or it is teetering a lot?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: You don’t know how he has managed to not fall up to now.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: Do we hear this conversation at the bar happening from our table?*

The barmaid sets down a large tray.

Rungor NoMountain: Wouldn’t hurt to have a place to sleep Proprietor. Can you make ’em cheap?

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Excuse me.

Jocelyn: Thank you ma’am…how much for a room here?

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Might we have another dish of eel, we missed one.

Salted Eel, fish, cheeses, bread and some oily substance in a bowl. There appears to be enough for several people.

Jocelyn: We’ll call it stew.

Borolo Sidderfom: What’s in this bowl? It smells…

The barmaid scratched her head, It’s Fer dippin."

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Dipping what exactly?

Jocelyn: Ma’am? are there any rooms available?

Borolo Sidderfom gorges.

The bartender glares at you.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): The eel, got it. Thank you.

Cyrus Morgan: I’ll be doin the business fer the rooms if ye please sir.

Rungor NoMountain eats sloppily.

Jocelyn: Fair enough…how much if you please.

Quaril Moonshadow dines with etiquette.

Cyrus Morgan: 2gp a night and 5sp for meals.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Can I try a diplomacy check to lower it?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: Sure.*

Jocelyn: Do you offer a discount for multiple nights?

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): How big is a room?

Borolo Sidderfom: Multiple nights? We don’t even know what we’re doin’ here yet.

Cyrus Morgan: But…if yer lookin fer something a little cheaper, they have plenty of room up at the Transient Guild.

Borolo Sidderfom: Transient Guild? Who are they? Sounds like a pack of bums.

Cyrus Morgan: Well, their up the road a pace or three in their outpost.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, that place sounds a little rough to figure out by the pictures.
Cyrus Morgan: always catering to travelers they is.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Thank you, I may check that out myself.

Jocelyn: I will take your best room please, preferably one with a bath.

Cyrus Morgan: Hey, any of ya can carry a tune, play the harp?

Borolo Sidderfom: As a cheap bastard, I say we sleep there and come here for meals because the eels is kind of amazing.

Cyrus Morgan blinks at Jocelyn.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): You can just come with me dwarf, we’ll find it eventually.

Borolo Sidderfom: I can sing off-key pretty well.

Cyrus Morgan: Our rooms are all the same, if you want nicer fare Cylene might av a place for ye up at the Frond.

Rungor NoMountain: If ya keep readin things to me, I may be obliged to stick with ya.

Cyrus Morgan: And I charge by the day.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): I can do that, just point the sign and I’ll tell ya what I know.

Jocelyn: Thanks, will check out the Frond…no offense but a woman needs to worry about her appearance.

Borolo Sidderfom: What do you know about that old temple Keegan was talking about?

Cyrus Morgan shakes his head, "I don’t know much but what ole Kelig said.

Magnis: I’d like to be near all the action, where the towns people like to spend their evenings.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Heads out to the market to look for a nice set of clothes after our meal.*

Cyrus Morgan: Everyone works for their eats here sir always people coming and going.

Rungor NoMountain: As much as I like drinkin’ the thin man has a good head on ‘em. For what I’m looking for, ice is a good clue.

Borolo Sidderfom: Ya know where we can find him?

  • [w] Jocelyn: leaves 5sp on the table before leaving.*

Cyrus Morgan: Well, he’ll be up at the Jade leaf Compound I suspect.

Cyrus Morgan takes up the coin Jocelyn left on the bar, “He is one of their scouts after all.”

  • [w] Jocelyn: reduced it from my character sheet already.*

Cyrus Morgan: A might good one at that.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Ok ty.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: Didn’t want both of us to do it…would be poor super quick that way.*

Borolo Sidderfom: What, sir, is a Jade Leaf?

Cyrus Morgan Cyrus looks at you strangely. “You must not be from around here…but they is the Militia here sir, second only to The lady Salmissra herself”.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): We’re just coming off the boat, haven’t had the time to learn about the town here.

  • [w] Jocelyn: What colors do they have in a nice sheer outfit. (top and pants/skirt)*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): Lady salmissra, could you tell me a little about her?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Mainly earth-tones but for more money, reds, blues and violets.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: How much for a red one?*

Cyrus Morgan: Well…if one was to name her something it would be Queen of Kith’takharos.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Just making this go quickly, not trying to get out of role-playing it.*

Cyrus Morgan: As her mother before her and her grandmother. Her family started Kith’takharos you might say. The jade leaf keep order, punish poachers.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): a patriarchy then? ruled by a i guess you would call it, royal lineage?

Cyrus Morgan nods.

Rungor NoMountain: Ya mean plant poachers Barkeep?

Cyrus Morgan: Lots of their ilk abouts. But Dorian has nothin but the F’lunin fer them if he catches them.

Cyrus Morgan shivers.

Borolo Sidderfom: There was a big to-do about the swamp plants at the docks, those things sell sweetly downriver.

Cyrus Morgan: Well kith’takharos IS the swamp plant trade.

Borolo Sidderfom: No surprise the local panjandrum keep it under their thumb.

Cyrus Morgan: Well no one dare challenges their right except maybe Meryl and the Transient Guild.

Magnis: So Meryl and Dorian don’t see eye to eye?

Cyrus Morgan: What you have is kinda a feud if one would call it anything.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): The more answers we receive the more questions I have.

Borolo Sidderfom (whispering): I called your mom a feud once.

Cyrus Morgan slides a few more ales down the bar, “Mind yourselves if you leave the village”.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Do they have a nice red sheer cloth outfit?*

Cyrus Morgan: Lots of nasties abouts.

Rungor NoMountain: Nasties as in bandits or something greener?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: Yes, it will cost you…4gp, if you roll above a 12 diplo, it will cost 3gp.*

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): I doubt the plants would attack us out there.

Cyrus Morgan chuckles.

Rungor NoMountain: I see stranger things Sorcerer.

  • [w] Jocelyn: want me to pay 5gp since I rolled a 1?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: Actually, she refuses to sell to you at this point.*

Borolo Sidderfom: I saw a plant that ate bugs once!

  • [w] Jocelyn: Any other vendors I could buy from around there?*

Cyrus Morgan guffaws, “The F’lunin is a man eater it is”.

Quaril Moonshadow (humored): F’lunin?

Magnis: Are they prized?

Cyrus Morgan: Snake through the vines and grab ya up, strangle ya til ya stop kickin, then eat ya whole, Nasty things.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Interesting.

Cyrus Morgan: They’re avoided.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): I would like to view one someday.

Borolo Sidderfom: WHY?!? What do the look like, in case I see one and need to scream?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: There is another vendor but her work is not as nice…you can find a red sheer cloth for 1.5gp.*

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): To inspect it. see what its like.]

Borolo Sidderfom: Obvious? Sneaky? Purple?

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): If I can get permission from the lady, id like to send a bit home to my father.

Rungor NoMountain: Let me put this out. Jocelyn, you could use some money to live the high life, Quaril, you’d like an audience with the Lady, and I’m looking for a mountain. That old man with the story about the temple is the key to all of those things. Find the temple, we find a clue to my mountain, riches for Jocelyn, and enough glory to get an audience with the Lady.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Offers 1gp.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: Snatches it up.*

Magnis: Riches, we could all use riches.

Quaril Moonshadow LAUGHS!

Jocelyn: Pops head back into the tavern, “Hey guys, am heading up to find the Frond…anyone wish to join me?”

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Never knew you were a wise one, ya old dwarf, he nudged.

Cyrus Morgan shrugs and continues to wipe down the bar.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): I am good, if i head for a place to stay i’ll be at the transient house.

Rungor NoMountain: Nah, I think the temple is a death trap myself but Vecna knows I never saw a deathtrap I didn’t like.

Jocelyn: Heads out and asks directions to the Frond and heads that way.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): But it seems Rungor has plans otherwise.

You are directed North.

Borolo Sidderfom: I agree with Beardy Beardson, old temples have nice stuff in them, like candlesticks and baubles.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): And ice, as i hear it.

Borolo Sidderfom: And ice candles.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): I could see you sculpting an ice candle.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, so since we leave on the morrow, i suggest those of you with the gift of gab go find this old man, and we live it up with Jocelyn at the frond.

Borolo Sidderfom: I’m going to go find the Jade Leaves, maybe korky will take us there, or at least give us a map.

  • [w] Jocelyn: intently taking in all the sights on the way to the Frond…people, places, everything.*

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Haha, the jade leaf it is. I beleive the old man, as you say, is there.

Borolo Sidderfom is going to the Jade Leaf, with a hunk of cheese in hand.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): To find this old man.

Magnis finishes his ale in a gulp and follows Jocelyn to the Frond.

  • [w] Jocelyn: anything exciting seen on the way to the Frond?*

Rungor NoMountain quaffs two pints in rapid succession and grabs a hunk of cheese, leaving a gold coin on the bar.

You dont see anything really to exciting on the way to the Sheltering Frond.

Rungor NoMountain follows the beardless wonder.

Jocelyn enters the Frond.

Lots of houses on stilts, most are ramshackles. The frond looks much nicer then most of the other places around. A tall, burly Half-Orc stops you at the door.

Jocelyn looks around and takes in the atmosphere.

Solgrim: I am Solgrim, can I help you?

Magnis whispering to Jocelyn, “Maybe a bit too rich for our blood?”

Jocelyn: Good day…I am interested in a room if the price is right.

Jocelyn feels a tremendous urge as she looks past the Orc. Everything in here is fine.

Solgrim begins to look impatient.

  • [w] Jocelyn: As in my spidey senses or I see something past it?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: its obvious…everything in here is made of finery.*

Magnis waves to Solgrim, “Do you have any rooms?”

Jocelyn: Good day Solgrim. (in orcish)

Solgrim shuts the door abruptly, leaving you to yourselves.

Magnis: A bit rude.

Jocelyn: That was rude, didn’t even ask to see our coin. I guess we should meet the others at the Jade leaf.

Jocelyn heads back to catch up to the others at the Jade leaf.

Magnis: Or find an Orc woman to join us next time we inquire about a room here.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I know I am not there but here on mic, etc.*

The group of you head north then turn southeast. The compound is surrounded by a large, thick, wooden wall.

  • [w] Jocelyn: just let us know when and if we get there…won’t interact until you say we have arrived.*

As you approach, a guard in studded leather halts you.

Guard Kazler: Hello, What be your business with the Order of the Jade leaf?

Rungor NoMountain whispers, “I think this is your go Gnome”.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): We would like to talk to the one named Koran, I believe.

Borolo Sidderfom: Kellog? The old man who tells the story about the old temple.

Guard Kazler: Koran is on a mission, may I tell him who has asked after him?

Borolo Sidderfom: Borolo, an adventurer.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you guys can come up right about now.*

Guard Kazler: Bor…ol..o, alright.

Jocelyn: Greetings all.

Rungor NoMountain: Rungor NoMountain as well, of the NoMountain dwarf clan.

Borolo Sidderfom: And while we’re talking, do you know where we could hire a pilot to take us to the temple koran is talking about? And a place to rent a boat?

You all notice Jocelyn coming up from behind you.

Jocelyn: The Frond is not a nice place afterall.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Or at least someone to teach us how to work one.

Magnis waves to the group.

Guard Kazler: I’m sorry sir, if ye have no further business here I’ll have to ask you to be on your way.

Jocelyn: Sorry guys, I was outside getting some clothing…why are we here?

Guard Kazler steps back into the guard house.

Magnis: We had a similary experience at the Frond.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Haven’t we seen him before?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: What do you mean?*

Rungor NoMountain: Yea, he was on the boat with us, I think.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Well, that was fruitful.

Jocelyn: Well, back to the eel…at least we can get rooms there I hope still.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, we know he’s here. And he’s on a mission, so he has to leave. So we wait.

Borolo Sidderfom: Pfft, waiting, There have to be some other people who know how to get to the temple.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): This is a strange place indeed.

By the suns lie, it is about 5pm.

Jocelyn: Again, asking why are we here…I was outside getting clothing when you decided to come here.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): I don’t know. by the talk of the story teller, it was quite a feat.

Rungor NoMountain: What about the man who hates him for telling the story? He seems a good lead.

  • [w] Jocelyn: What time has it gotten dark in this area? I assume it won’t be much different than what I am used to from Port Lissup?*

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Ha, we can investigate in the morning about this man, I’d still like to check out the transiet guild for a place to stay, before the sets preferably.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: no different, it is may 1st today, so about 7:30pm.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: Thanks…rogues like to know those things.*

Magnis: We should question locals.

Jocelyn: Okay, maybe you guys can tell me over dinner why we came here?

Jocelyn: Heads towards the transit guild house.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): We were just looking for the story teller.
Quaril Moonshadow walks with josy.

Jocelyn: Oh, thought maybe you found something else out from the bartender.

Borolo Sidderfom casts Charm Person on the guard.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Rungos all excited to visit the temple for himself.

Magnis shruggs and follows behind the party.

Rungor NoMountain walks over near the guard lean-to.

Before you all depart, to your horror you see Borolo casting a spell.

Guard Kazler sees Borolo coming back toward him. He gets up to greet him once more.

Quaril Moonshadow whispers “Well what kind of trouble is this little Gnome up to?”

Rungor NoMountain stays close to the lean-to.

Guard Kazler: Can I help ye sir?

Borolo Sidderfom: So, what sort of mission is Koren on? Can you tell us when he’ll be back?

Guard Kazler: Oh, umm…pardon me sir but, I can not tell ye that, ye have my apologies. I dearly wish that I could.

Quaril Moonshadow laughs.

Guard Kazler looks genuinely put out that he can not tell you what you wiish to know.

Borolo Sidderfom: It’s just that I have a message to give him, from downriver.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): Ask him if he can make sure koran gets back with us.

  • [w] Jocelyn: As we head back towards the transit guild, I check out the marketplace again…are there any vendors selling jewelry?*

Guard Kazler: Well…I’ll gladly take your message as sure as the darkness take me if I don’t.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: They have packed up and are headed home.*

Borolo Sidderfom: I’m afraid I was hired to give it to him directly.

  • [w] Jocelyn: any boats arriving when I am in the area?*

Guard Kazler: Oh…
Guard Kazler looks very disappointed.

Borolo Sidderfom: If you can’t tell me the mission, do you know if he can be expected by tomorrow noon?

Guard Kazler: My pardons sir but he is not here. He is on a mission given to him by Jorian Odessa, I know not what it was.

Borolo Sidderfom: Who?

Guard Kazler: Jorian Odessa. He heads up the harvesting wing of the order.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you notice even that the polemasters are getting ready to head home.*

You hear a loud chime hover over the city.

Borolo Sidderfom: Are there any scouts on hand that might know the way to the old temple?

The sound of the smithy, the bustle of the town has all but stopped suddenly.

Quaril Moonshadow (intrigued): ?? what just happened?

Magnis to the guard, “What is the significance of the chime?”

  • [w] Jocelyn: thanks…quaril thinks we all noticed him cast the spell…is that true, because I kept walking since I don’t have spellcraft…he could have been swatting at swamp flies for all I know.*

Guard Kazler: Oh, err, um….I don’t know sir an I can nay leave me post to ask…1000 pardons I can not.

Rungor NoMountain looks around nervously.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: quaril has a good idea what he did.*

Borolo Sidderfom: Well, thank you for your help.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I know he would but he thinks we all did and are all still there.*

Guard Kazler: Thank you kind sir…and may your kin stay safe. The work day is done sir, that is the chime of the day.

Borolo Sidderfom: Good night then, may the gods keep you.

Guard Kazler offers a slight bow to the Gnome.

Borolo Sidderfom: Well! I’m heading for the transit guild, I hear they have cheap beds. I think jocelyn went that a-way?

Rungor NoMountain sighs “Lets go meet up with the others at the cheap seats then.”

Quaril Moonshadow (confused): Yes, actually. I dont beleive she noticed you’re… charming finesse.

After a rather lengthy walk, Jocelyn arrives at the Transit guild. Again it is a large keep, however its fence is not so grand.

Quaril Moonshadow starts walking to the guild.

As you approach the gate, a guard in much differeent livery approaches you.

Jocelyn walks up smiling, “Good evening, sir”.

Guard Uron offers her a slight bow, “May I help you milady?”

Jocelyn: Would there be any rooms to rent for the evening?

Rungor NoMountain walks with Quaril and Borolo.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Comin Magnis?

Guard Uron: Aye there be, always room for travelers at the Transient guild, Meryl Dunestal presides here.

Jocelyn: Thank you kind sir, is that who I should inquire to about the rooms?

Guard Uron: Nope, Ill see you to your room straight away. It’s 4sp a night with a hot meal.

Jocelyn: I have four companions that will be joining me shortly, please see they get to their rooms as well.

Guard Uron: I will look for them.

As you move forward a guard comes and shows you inside.

Jocelyn: 3 sp…as you can see I am but a wee lass? Do these rooms include a bath?

The guard nods and leads you along a hallway, then turns right. After passing a few doors on both sides he stops.

Jocelyn drops 4sp into his hands. (keep one for your troubles)

The door opens to a large room with 2 beds.

Jocelyn: What time is dinner served, kind sir ??

The guard says “Well, dinner is over but i’ll have some cold chicken and broth sent for you and your companions miss.” As the rest of you approach…you are met by the guard.

Jocelyn: Thank you and may the rest of your shift go without any troubles.

Jocelyn changes into my new outfit while waiting for the others.

The guard bows and closes the door.

Guard Uron: Can I help you?

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Hello.

Borolo Sidderfom: We’re looking for some rooms, how much?

Magnis slight bow to the guard.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Would you happen to seen a young woman pass by here, some time ago?

  • [w] Jocelyn: gm what floor is the room on and are there any windows?*

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, we’re the bodyguards for a wee lass that should have came through.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Haha, bodyguards?

Guard Uron: We have alot of space, the Transient Guild offers hospitality to all, 4sp a night each includes a hot meal.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): I would say not but looking for her, none-the less.

  • [w] Jocelyn: what floor is it on and any windows?*

Guard Uron: I believe she is inside.

Borolo Sidderfom: One, two, three four beds, please. Can you show us her room?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: first floor, no windows save for small slats on one wall for ventalation.*

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Is it four a person, or four a room?

  • [w] Jocelyn: thanks, how many floors in total? just the one?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: mainly yes, but its large and spread out.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: ok.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: mainly yes, but its large and spread out.*

Rungor NoMountain: Lead on then.

Guard Uron: Well, the mens dorm is on the opposite wing, I’ll show you to your room.

Guard Uron leads you al himself.

Magnis follows behind Uron.

After a short walk he turns you all left down another hallway, passing several doors on the right and left. He stops and opens up the door for you. As you saunter in it is a very large room with 4 beds.

Magnis nodding to Uron, “Thank you”.

Guard Uron: The lass has asked for a bit of food brought down for ye.

Rungor NoMountain gazes in awe, “I will never get used to this”.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Interesting place.

Guard Uron: And a basin and towels as well, Breakfast is at 8.

Rungor NoMountain: And a horse trough in the room as well, you civilized people think of everything.

  • [w] Jocelyn: so there is a bath in here or one common bath area?*

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): What time does the bell chime in the morning?

  • [w] → Jocelyn: actually it is a basin of water on a stand, a bar of soap and a towel.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: good enough for now.*

Guard Uron: 8am sir.

Jocelyn thoroughly washes everything.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Wonderful. quite the dinner bell you have, sir.

Borolo Sidderfom casts prestidigitation when the food arrives to make it warm and delicious. I eat it and get ready for sleep.

Guard Uron: Well, a day wasted is a day spent.

The guard leaves you.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): A Gnome after my own heart.

Rungor NoMountain eats the food, temperature and utensils be damned.

Borolo Sidderfom: Okay, so tomorrow we can see if we can find Koren, or else ask around this place.

Quaril Moonshadow prestidigitates the food as well.

Borolo Sidderfom: Maybe somebody here can take us.

Rungor NoMountain: Well boys, I’m guessing Jocelyn is waiting for us in the common room, as is some company and some drink. Maybe that would be a good time to ask questions before the night is through, eh?

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): I don’t know. Koran and the crowds reaction made it seem like he’s been the only one. They have a common room?

  • [w] Jocelyn: will head down to the common room after eating, washed up and in my new outfit.*

Borolo Sidderfom: Whatever, deal with it tomorrow.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Sounds fantastic.

Borolo Sidderfom undresses and climbs into bed.

Magnis: Aye, until morning.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you are stopped by guards before you get out of the dorm area.*

Quaril Moonshadow removes a few more detachable parts.

Rungor NoMountain: Nah, tomorrow they’ll work again, and we’ll have to wai out the damn chimes again. I think it’s worth at least a pass by.

Magnis falls into bed.

Borolo Sidderfom: By all means, go ahead.

  • [w] Jocelyn: asks guards if there is any entertainment tonight or are we to stay in our rooms?*

The beds are decent, clumps of wrapped cloth covered in more cloth.

Rungor NoMountain goes to find/ask after Jocelyn.

Before you get to far, a guard stops you and does not allow you to leave the men’s dorm. He politely asks you to return to your room.

Rungor NoMountain gives up and goes to bed.

  • [w] Jocelyn: how many other rooms in my hallway where I am staying?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: he tells you when the guards are moved inside, the Guild house is locked down.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: thanks the guard and heads back to my room.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: he tells you 5.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: asks the guard then if we are allowed to interact with the other female guests staying here?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: he tells you that you are the only one at the moment.*

Kryss investigates the room, while they all sleep.

Jocelyn jumps in bed and enjoys the peacefulness.

A knock at both of the doors, it is very early in the morning.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Come on in!

Jocelyn grabs dagger from under the pillow and approaches the door and says, “Yes?”

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): I believe the others are still asleep.

Borolo Sidderfom dons clothing.

A guard is there.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Well, aperently not all of them.

Jocelyn: Can I help you?

“I bid thee a message”, a guard says.

Rungor NoMountain stays in bed feigning sleep but listening.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): What might this be?

Magnis unhappily lifts his head to look to the door.

“Meryl Dunestal wishes to have an audience with you.”

Borolo Sidderfom: Now, or can we have breakfast first?

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Immediately?

Magnis: Or have the meeting over breakfast?

“He wishes your presence as soon as your able.”

Jocelyn: Very well, give me a moment to get dressed please.

The guard steps outside and waits.

Rungor NoMountain rolls out of bed.

Jocelyn gets dressed and gathers belongings and steps outside to follow the guard.

Borolo Sidderfom kits up and waits in the hall for the rest of the group.

Magnis slowly rolls out of bed while mumbling .

Quaril Moonshadow reattaches most of the outfit minus the sleeves.

Rungor NoMountain straightens his armor and checks the beads in his beard before joining the others in the hallway.

  • [w] Jocelyn: wearing the red outfit today…explorer’s outfit is in backpack.*

Jocelyn is led down the hall and right down a center hall., At a set of double doors she is admitted into the large room.

Magnis joins the group in the hall, ready to follow the guard.

Jocelyn looks around noticing all exits and entrances and number of guards, etc.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Alright, lead the way good sir.

The 4 men are led down the hall then left down a center hall to a set of double doors and admitted into the large room. You all see Jocelyn moving about.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Hey josy!

The room is a large…fancy dining room.

Jocelyn waves to the fellows.

Anyone with appraise can make one at this time.

The table is set with silver flatware, rare bone plates. Real blown glassware. This is when you all notice food is upon large, silver trays upon the table.

  • [w] Jocelyn: how many silver flatware pieces do I think I could stash on me?*

Pitchers stand at the tables center, sweating due to condensation.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: it appears to be a complete set but you can make an intelligence roll.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: stuff this expensive, laid out as it is, would be noticed.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: are there 2 per side and one on each end…settings?*

Rungor NoMountain takes a seat at the table, suspicious of the food.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: there is room for 12 people to sit but 6 places are empty.*

Borolo Sidderfom takes Berries, Nuts, Sweet bread and whatever’s in the pitchers.

  • [w] Jocelyn: is only one end set up or both?*

Quaril Moonshadow takes a seat as well, but waits to begin eating.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: one end.*

Jocelyn grabs a seat but doesn’t eat or drink…waiting for our host.

Quaril Moonshadow smiles at josy.

  • [w] Jocelyn: anything on the walls? art, draperies, etc.?*

Quaril Moonshadow looks around the room.

Rungor NoMountain blows his nose on a knapkin.

The room is lavishly decorated.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Feels like home.

  • [w] Jocelyn: how high is the ceiling?*

The table is some, deep red wood along with the chairs, the floor are marble tiles, the walls lined with draperies and expensive looking tapestries.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: 10 feet or so.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: just the two doors in here that we both came through?*

The doors fly open suddenly.

Jocelyn stands up.

Kryss hangs around neck, inspecting the strange air in the room.

Meryl Dunestal: Oh good, you started, very good.

The man says as he hurries in and takes a seat quickly.

Jocelyn sits again after he does.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): Hello, I am Quaril.

A jaunty looking man wearing a neck-scarf pulls a chair up to your table.

Rungor NoMountain notcing Borolo hasn’t died, eats only what he’s seen him eat while everyone gets situated.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): These, are my friends, as you would call them.

Meryl Dunestal: “A good day to you all. I am Meryl Dunestal and I represent a consortium of merchants called the Transit Guild. I have not seen you around Kith’takharos, but from your looks I think you are just the type of people I need. I would like to propose an offer of employment. Something interesting you might not otherwise find in Kith’takharos.”

He holds up a hand and shakes his head.

Meryl Dunestal: “Worry not, I assure you the work violates no laws of Kith’takharos. I would, of course, never ask you to violate the laws. And you will be well paid, undoubtedly better than anything else you might find here. I think you deserve more than the humdrum life you will find in this small village.”

After the last comment, he smiles and chuckles. His eyes focus on each of you in turn.

Meryl Dunestal: “One more thing. I must tell you that speed matters. A man’s life may hang in the balance, so I need a quick decision.”

Quaril Moonshadow smiles back.

Jocelyn begins taking food and drink while he talks.

Borolo Sidderfom: So what’s the job? Thanks for the spread, by the way.

Jocelyn begins taking food and drink while he talks.

Rungor NoMountain: Sure, I’ll do it.

Meryl Dunestal: Oh yes please, help yourselves.

Rungor NoMountain: Oh wait, yeah, what’s the job?

Quaril Moonshadow begins to eat.

Meryl Dunestal: Meryl clears his throat,“Well, let us begin our business. One of my men, Almus Rundarig, is a week overdue from an exploration on the eastern shore of the Big Water. This is most unusual for a man of his talents. I believe that he encountered some sort of trouble. I would like you to find him, or to at least learn his fate. He was investigating a rumored freshwater spring across the Big Water with an eye towards constructing a collection point for swamp plant shipments. I will provide you the services of a skiff and enough supplies for five days. Food, water, rope, poles for moving the boat.” Meryl laughs. “However, I’m afraid you must return the skiff after the job has been completed. Almus intended to land at a placed called Stonefall Point. I don’t know exactly where he planned to go from there, since I’m not an explorer, heaven’s no, but just a humble administrator. But I can provide a map to guide you.”

Meryl pulls a page from a sheaf of papers and slides it to the center of the table.

Meryl Dunestal: “There you are. You may keep it. Your base pay will be twenty-five gold each for learning whether Almus is dead or alive. You will be paid when the mission is complete. I’m afraid that possession of our supplies and boat must be sufficient guarantee of our good will. There are also opportunities for substantial bonuses, especially if you manage to rescue Almus. And remember, the Transit Guild knows how to show gratitude. There is always work available for dependable men. I wish you success and recommend you leave first thing in the morning from our dock.”

On a piece of paper he gives you, there are a list of bonueses as well, Return with Almus alive: 100 Gold, Return with Almus’ body: 50 Gold, Return with proof of Almus’ fate: 25 Gold, Marking Almus’ route on the map: 25 Gold, Return without proof but with a convincing story of Almus’ fate: 15 Gold, Return with no proof or convincing story: 5 Gold, Return with proof of Almus’ fate within 5 days: 10 Gold, Retrieve Almus’ boat: 15 Gold.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, Boloro, Jocelyn, Quaril, you should ask for permission to make use of any plants we come across on our journey, if necessary to achieve our goals.

Meryl coughs, apparently a pice of bread got caught in his throat.

Meryl Dunestal: good dwarf, that is entirely out fo the question.

Quaril Moonshadow (amused): How come?

Jocelyn remember the law.

Meryl Dunestal: Poaching is illegal in these parts.

Jocelyn: Cannot harvest swamp plants.

Quaril Moonshadow: So, it is illeagal to eat the local fauna?

Meryl Dunestal: “Fresh water is like gold out here. It benefits both the Guild and the Order if the harvesting can be made more safe. We all make more money with this spring found.”

Jocelyn: For everybody here but your snake I would say “yes”.

Meryl Dunestal: “Certainly, the Order knows the location of many springs, but perhaps not this spring in particular. I had hoped to provide a pleasant surprise by sending Almus in search of it.”

Borolo Sidderfom: Flora, I think. But he’s giving us snacks, remember?

Meryl Dunestal: “I will tell you. What is good for Kith’takharos is good for us. The more swamp plants that are collected, the more money we all make. And, I hope that such a gesture will help the strained relations we have with the Order. It’s no secret the Transit Guild is not loved in Kith’takharos.”

Borolo Sidderfom: So I suppose there’s ravenous beasts out in the swamp waiting to devour us if we’re not careful?

Meryl Dunestal: There are some but you look like the careful sort.

Meryl Dunestal: “Again, I advise you to avoid all contact with the valuable swamp plants. Although certain unscrupulous men might pay much for them, it is not worth the cost to you.”

Quaril Moonshadow: This is true, I have heard of the leeches, but what other foes might be out there?

Borolo Sidderfom: You’d be surprised.

Rungor NoMountain looks around curiously, “You mean us?”
Rungor NoMountain laughs.

Meryl Dunestal: The swamp has many dangers but if you mind your surroundings you will be fine.

Borolo Sidderfom: Well, the pay is good. I say we go for it.

Quaril Moonshadow: Sounds fantastic.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, tis better than staying in this cramped nest for another night.

Meryl Dunestal: Well, very good, and I wish you luck.

Meryl stands.

Jocelyn stands and nods.

Meryl Dunestal: I must take my leave, your skiff is at the docks, waiting for you along with a man who has been to Stonefall point before. His name is Doran, Good luck.

Meryl steps quickly out of the room and leaves you to all the food.

Jocelyn: Will meet you at the docks…need to change first.

Quaril Moonshadow: Let us eat to our hearts content and be off then.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye

Jocelyn asks guard to escort me back to my room and throw on my explorer’s outfit.

The guards comply.

Adventure Log 1

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