Adventure Log 2

Kith’takharos Date: Monday, May 2nd, xxxx

Jocelyn: heads to the docks

A man fitting the description given by Meryl is standing next to one of the many flat bottomed boats on the docks.

  • Jocelyn: did we get his name from Meryl?*
  • → Jocelyn: Doran*

Quaril: I see at least one of us is enjoying the warm muggy day.

Kryss: Happy feelings.

Jocelyn: Good morning, Doran, a fine day for a boat ride.

Doran: Well, what has taken you all long, daylight is dying.

The man does not look very happy.

Jocelyn: Meryl can be long-winded, it would have been rude to hurry him up.

Quaril: And the the food slowed our stroll a bit. Welcome back charmer! You strolled off there for an instant.

Doran points at Quaril.

Doran: You ate well?

Quaril: Quite, the feast was quite luxurious.

Doran: Good, then you can pole.

Jocelyn: I think he enjoyed showing off his good food and cold drinks as much as his stories.

The man tosses Quaril a long, pole.

Quaril laughs and catches the pole.

Jocelyn sits in the middle away from poles and oars.

Quaril: I have always wanted to try this!

Borolo: You aren’t expecting me to row, are you?

Quaril: Now, where might I sit?

Doran: I don’t expect you to be much use at all little man.

Doran appears to be very rude and not at all happy he has to go at all.

Jocelyn: No one can expect a little thing as myself to help row? We would never get there!

Doran appears to be looking Jocelyn over.

Quaril: Ha, more capable then she lets off I would say.

Doran: Pfft, with this Dwarf and the others, I doubt it.

Jocelyn takes a deep breath so he can get an eyeful.

Quaril (humored): Ha!

You notice a very large parcel in the center of the boat. It is packed nicely And appears to be balanced in the boat.

Jocelyn moves up front and sits on the most front seat in the middle.

Borolo: Hey, Doran, what’s the thing in the boat?

Quaril (humored): I am to assume these are our promised supplies?

Doran: Yes yes, come on then.

Quaril (humored): Just tell me where to stand.

Doran takes a seat near the center of the boat.

Quaril (humored): Or sit, while poling?

Borolo sits near the stern, center.

Doran: No there is no sitting while poling.

Quaril steps in the skiff, and stands where directed.

Borolo: I don’t even know how that would work, anatomically.

Rungor steps into the boat, licking food off of his fingers.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I am going to be actively looking and listening to everything as we travel, on land, sky and in the water.*

Quaril sticks the pole in the water and finds something to push off on.

Magnis steps in the boat wordlessly, apparently engrossed in a book he is reading.

  • [w] Quaril: I would like to check what book he is reading.*
  • [w] → Quaril: each time you look over at him, he shies away.*

Jocelyn: How long should this trip take to get across the water, Doran?

Doran: We get there when we get there.

Jocelyn: Thanks, I could have gotten that answer from the snake!

Doran: I think we are waiting on someone?

Kryss: ssSSSsS (happily)

Quaril (humored): Waiting on someone?

Jocelyn: Who has the map Meryl gave us ??

Borolo: I’ll hang on to that.

A stout looking young man soon arrives and he silently enters the boat as well. He appears to be a fighter of some sort.

Borolo: Who’s the fat guy?

Doran: Ok then, Quaril, shove us off and lets get this done.

Quaril shoves off whatever that hard place is below us.
It is morning…_

Based on the map Meryl gave you, Stonefall Point lay across ten miles of open water. Meryl recommended you skirt the northern edge of the Big Water, and that seems an excellent suggestion, even though it adds at least two or three miles to the journey. Poling a skiff across open water, especially with inexperienced navigators, leaves no margin for error. You could land north or south of Stonefall Point and have no clue which direction you should travel.

At daybreak, you assemble near the Guild’s docks. Meryl emerges from the dense fog and greets you, pointing out the boat he promised, stocked with provisions and extra poles. He urges that you begin before the heat of the day grows unbearable.

You embark and quickly experience the deceptive art of boat poling. While the boat moves forward without difficulty, the bow often refuses to point straight ahead. After a few hundred yards, you drop your preconceptions and let the bow face where it will. The awkward orientation does not seem to hinder your progress.

Jocelyn takes in the scenery from all directions…land, water and sky, as we travel.

The stone bridge looms ahead through the fog. As you pass under the moldy stones, a man carrying a reed basket stops and glares at you. He even crosses the span to watch you drift away.

Boat and foot traffic grow as you navigate the narrow channels into open water. The people of Kith’takharos rise early. By the time you reach the Big Water, you have grown comfortable poling the boat. Above, the haze transforms the sun into an orange blob low in the eastern sky.

The entire morning you pole east and slightly north, following the contours of the land. Within a couple of hours, the fog burns away, and you almost yearn for its return, wondering whether Meryl provided enough water. Your pores are spouts that spew streams of sweat in response to the slightest movement. Insects land on any exposed skin and get stuck in the moisture. A gritty coating of tiny carcasses soon covers your skin.

Still, by early afternoon your course has definitely turned south. More than once, a splash draws your eyes toward shore, and a series of ripples betrays some submerged animal. Hours of strange sounds without visible danger put you on edge and drive the point home: every bit of success or failure depends on your actions alone. Should you perish, perhaps no one will ever find your corpses.

In late afternoon, the sun descends and the heat has lessened. You cross a short stretch of open water and follow the coast south. Perhaps two hours of light remain when you sight the tumbled pinkish columns Meryl called Stonefall Point. A cluster of three or four stone pillars climb from the irregular marshy border that separates dry land from the Big Water. Each one leans at a different angle, and none rise higher than ten feet. They would be minor ruins in Kith’takharos, perhaps not worth a mention on a tour of the village. But here, they stand out starkly as the sole sign of civilization.

Jocelyn: Your snake appears to be able to have a feast of it’s own with all these insects around here.

You pole back and forth across this stretch of shore for many minutes and find no sign of Almus. You almost wonder whether he came here at all. Then, you notice a slight disturbance just south of the columns, a branch cocked at a vaguely unnatural angle. And once you glide to the branch and push it aside, you see a concealed boat much like your own, with Transit Guild markings on the bow.

Almus almost fooled you. He definitely knew what he was about. You clear the brush, and find the boat in good shape. The poles are stowed neatly, as well as extra rope and a sheathed knife. Almus must have made it at least this far without mishap. Yet, from the fresh growth around the boat, no one has been here in a few days.

Quaril (humored): He would if he only ate insects.

  • [w] Jocelyn: how wide is the trail?*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: you cant get a good look atm.*

Jocelyn: Anyone bring a machete? This looks pretty thick.

Rungor NoMountain (irritated): Aye, I did, or something like it.

Borolo: There’s a good axe-monkey.

Rungor NoMountain (cautious): Nice one lad, come back when you grow a beard like all the menfolk.

Ok, Doran exits first and looks around.

  • [w] Jocelyn: are the sounds normal around here? birds chirping, insects humming, that sort of stuff?*

Doran: Well, come on, we are burning daylight.

Jocelyn exits as well.

  • [w] Kryss: checks the area out, does he smell anything, see anything. danger, out of place.*

Borolo exits the boat.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: yes.*
  • [w] → Kryss: in the swamp, there is always danger so nothing unusual.*

Quaril (humored): Is it clear Kryss?

Doran yawns and stretches.

Jocelyn waits for the beefy types to exit before falling in line.

Rungor NoMountain follows, staying on Doran’s side but on the side away from the water.

Magnis: I think I shall remain in the boat guys.

Quaril (humored): Doesn’t feel very promising, but…

Rungor NoMountain pauses and takes a taste of the swamp dirt.

Quaril exits boat.

Quaril (humored): You sure Magnis?

Jocelyn draws rapier before moving forward.

Quaril (humored): If you could then keep an eye on the other boat as well, if you could.

Doran: Well, what the hell are you guys DOING!

Quaril (humored): Following the trail, you can leave if you desire.

Doran: Portion out that gear!

Doran: Where are you going!

Quaril (humored): It seems we have another boat to head back on.

Doran: All of you, take your share of Meryl’s gear or scuttle it.

Jocelyn opens box and passes out gear.

  • [w] Borolo: can I see any sign of where Almus went?*

Borolo: Oh, hey, what do we got in there?

Quaril (humored): Thank you.

Rungor NoMountain (cautious): I can take a bit more than my share, best keep you frail ones light on your feet.

  • [w] → Borolo: your getting your gear?*
  • [w] Borolo: Yes I am! putting it all in the pack.*

Quaril (humored): That would be marvelous, if you could carry my food and water.

  • [w] Borolo: The pack of holding.*

Rungor NoMountain (cautious): Aye, I’m happy to.

You hear a sudden scream not far off and you look up. Where Doran was, where you thought he was, he is no longer…The water ripples and a haze of blood remains for just a moment in the air.

Magnis gulps and moves to the center of the boat.

Quaril (humored): Kryss! what was that my friend!

  • [w] Borolo: which way did the scream come from?*

Jocelyn: I can’t carry all five days worth of food for myself, if anyone wants to help out?

  • [w] → Quaril: Your snake appears to be confused and slightly afraid.*

Rungor NoMountain steps away from the waterline, drawing axe and shield and turning to face where Doran was.

Now that you know where to look, you discover Almus’ trail heading inland on a southern course.

Jocelyn: We better check that out, he might be under the water and still alive.

  • [w] Jocelyn: want a spot check or search check?*

Rungor NoMountain (cautious): Good call lass, who wants to put their head under and look?

Jocelyn: I will.

Rungor NoMountain (cautious): Alright, I’ll escort you, and cover you up top.

Quaril (humored): I don’t think that would be the best idea.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you can easily see the area where he was. Large claw marks are in the mud and he is no where to be seen.*

Jocelyn: Guys, got some large claw marks in the mud where Doran was!

Lee Dejjin: (angry) There goes the damn guide, damned drowning guides.

  • [w] Jocelyn: don’t forget my danger/spidey sense if it applies here.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: you see the snout of a carnivorous lizard poke its head out of the water, it is set to attack the fighter from behind, what do you do.*

Quaril (humored): I am not so sure he drowned, my quiet acquaintance.

Jocelyn points to the area behind the fighter.

Jocelyn: Guys, look out…the creature is there!

Quaril (humored): Where?

  • [w] Jocelyn: does the one closest to me appear to have fresh blood dripping from it’s maw?*

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+5 = 20]

  • [w] → Jocelyn: no and they appear much to small.*

Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longspear [MULT:1.5] [TYPE: piercing] [1d8+6 = 7]

Borolo: [CAST] Sleep [at Carnivorous Lizard 2] 0

Borolo: Lizard by the boat! I put it to sleep.

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+5 = 10]

The lizard rears up and plants a vicious bite into your left thigh.

[GM] [TURN] Carnivorous Lizard 2
[TURN] Jocelyn

Jocelyn: Watch out guys, these appear too small to have attacked Doran. I think mama is nearby !!

  • [w] Jocelyn: this one the same size as the others or bigger?*

Rungor NoMountain (growls): Your mother was a salamander! RAWR!!!

  • [w] → Jocelyn: same size.*

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+6 = 9]
Attack 9 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 3] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+5 = 22]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longspear [MULT:1.5] [TYPE: piercing] [1d8+6 = 7]

Lee Dejjin (sarcastic): I just LOVE reptiles!!!

  • [w] Jocelyn: do I drop my rapier since I crit failed?*
  • → Jocelyn: make a dex roll.*
    Jocelyn: [ABILITY] Dexterity check [1d20+3 = 5]
  • → Jocelyn: make a spot check.*
    Jocelyn: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 21]

Jocelyn: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+4 = 21]

Lizard 1 [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+4 = 15]
Lizard 1 [GM] [DAMAGE (M)] Bite [TYPE: piercing,slashing,bludgeoning] [1d6+3 = 7]

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+6 = 16]
Rungor NoMountain: [DAMAGE (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [TYPE: slashing(x3)] [1d10+5 = 9]

  • [w] Jocelyn: can I gauge how deep the water is here? feel the bottom?*

Rungor NoMountain limps backward while bleeding profusely.

  • [w] Jocelyn: Did lee lose his weapon as well?*

Borolo: [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20+3 = 12]

Quaril (humored): I am going to have to get me one of those.

  • [w] Jocelyn: I swim underwater to the area where Doran went under…hoping to find a trace of him.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: you find half of his cloak, it has dark blood and it has been bitten.*
  • [w] Jocelyn: grabs the cloak and surfaces.*

Jocelyn: Found Doran’s cloak guys.

Lizard 3 [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+4 = 18]

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe (2) [1d208 = 12]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+5 = 7]

Rungor NoMountain (growls): Lass, I don’t think Doran will be needing it anymore.

Lee Dejjin (angry): DAMN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!

Jocelyn: [ATTACK (M)] rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d201 = 4]
Attack 4 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 3] [MISS]

Jocelyn: We can at least take the cloak back to any family Doran might have had.

Lizard 3 [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+4 = 10]

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe (2) [1d208 = 14]
Attack 14 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 3] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longspear [1d20+5 = 7]

Quaril (humored): Alright Josy, lets do this.

Borolo: Once you guys are done with big boy, go ahead and stick a spear through the other one’s head before it wakes up.

Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d201 = 9]

Jocelyn: [DAMAGE (M)] rapier (2) [TYPE: piercing] [1d61 = 6]

Lizard 3 [ATTACK (M)] Bite [1d20+4 = 11]
Lizard 3 [1d6 = 1]

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+6 = 14]
Attack 14 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 3] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 12]

Borolo: [CAST] Color Spray [at Carnivorous Lizard 3] 0

Lizard 3 [SAVE] Will [VS DC 14] [FAILURE] [1d20+3 = 4]
Lizard 3 [1d20 = 3]
Lizard 3 [1d4 = 4]

  • [w] Jocelyn: I use one of my potions of light healing and shove it down Quaril’s throat, rubbing his neck, forcing him to drink it.*

Jocelyn: 1 [1d81 = 5]

  • [w] Jocelyn: removed one from inventory.*

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+6 = 9]
Attack 9 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 2] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 10]

Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (4) [1d203 = 17]
Quaril: [DAMAGE (M)] Rapier [TYPE: piercing] [1d6-1 = 2]

Jocelyn breathes.

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 12]

Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d201 = 3]

Rungor NoMountain: [ATTACK (M)] Dwarven Waraxe [1d20+6 = 9]
Attack 9 → [at Carnivorous Lizard 2] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 14]

Rungor NoMountain (growls): Not the girl you son of a impotent tadpole!

Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20 = 4]

Jocelyn: 1 [1d81 = 4]

Jocelyn: Guys, we might be in some trouble here!

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 16]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 11]
Lee Dejjin: Thats what you get you freakish swamp-thing!!!

Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d202 = 20]
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [CONFIRM] [1d202 = 12]
Borolo: [DAMAGE (M)] Rapier [TYPE: piercing] [MIN DMG ADJ +1] [1d4 = 1]

Quaril (humored): Good blow! Now do it again guys!

Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d201 = 7]

Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20 = 13]

Jocelyn: [ATTACK (M)] rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 1]

Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 22]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 10]

Quaril (humored): I wonder which of them ate our poor angsty friend?

  • [w] Jocelyn: bends down to check status of rungar…breathing, etc.*

Quaril (humored): Shall we open these two lizards up?

Jocelyn helps Rungor over to the boat and we sit down next to it.

Quaril retrieves the knife from almus’s boat.

Borolo offers Rungor a potion.

Rungor NoMountain (growls): No father, I don’t want to play with the cave mammoth again….

Lee Dejjin drinks a potion.

Lee Dejjin snatches a potion from the edge of the boat.

Lee Dejjin: [1d8 = 2]

  • [w] Jocelyn: helps Rungor drink some water until he is feeling better.*

Borolo: You gonna drink this potion, beard-face?

Lee Dejjin snatches Borolo’s potion and takes it.

Rungor NoMountain reaches out half consciously for whatever’s been offered…

Lee Dejjin: [ABILITY] Dexterity check [1d20+3 = 20]

Borolo: [1d20 = 6]

Jocelyn reminds everyone that I said they are too small to have eaten our friend !!!!

Quaril (humored): Lee!

Quaril (humored): Give it back, the dwarf needs it more than you!

Lee Dejjin drinks Borolo’s potion.

Jocelyn: Guys, they are too small to have eaten Doran. There has to either be a bigger one around or something different got him.

Lee Dejjin (annoyed): Shut up.
Lee Dejjin: [1d8 = 5]

Borolo: Seriously though. Give him a potion.

Lee Dejjin: Thumps Rungor on the back playfully.
Lee Dejjin: Thanks for the potion, Rungor.
Lee Dejjin sits on the edge of the boat, daydreaming.

  • [w] Jocelyn: tries to snatch a potion from Lee while he is daydreaming to give to Rungor without him noticing.*
  • [w] → Jocelyn: make a slight of hand roll.*

Quaril (humored): Here dwarf, take one of mine.

Jocelyn: [SKILL] Sleight of Hand [MOD:DEX] (2) [1d2014 = 28]

Quaril offers potion to dwarf.

Rungor NoMountain blindly reaches out to the muffled voice.

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 5]

Quaril places it in hand, and helps the dwarf to drink it.

Quaril (humored): Drink my friend.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you steal the potion and anything else you might want, like his coin purse.*

Rungor NoMountain drinks potion in an almost reflexive motion.

Jocelyn gives Rungor a potion and says “drink up, the gods have provided”.

  • [w] Jocelyn: sure, will take coin purse too.*

Quaril winks at Josy.
Quaril (humored): Good play.

Rungor NoMountain: [1d8 = 8]
Rungor NoMountain coughs and sputters.

Quaril (humored): I’d say hold on to the other one.

Rungor NoMountain: Ah now that’s some potent stuff. Thank ye.

Quaril (humored): Of course, ya reckless dwarf.

Rungor NoMountain: How else you going to keep the wildlife fed?

Quaril playfully punches shoulder.
Quaril (humored): With, guides of course!

Borolo: Well that was eventful.

  • [w] → Jocelyn: you steal 3gp and his purse pouch.*
  • Jocelyn: thanks.*

Quaril (humored): Alright, who has the map?

Borolo: Did you find the guide’s corpse? I assume Meryl will want proof of that, as well.

Rungor NoMountain: Our poor guide, yes. Lass, were you saying something about a bigger one? Cause I have a bone to pick with how she manages her younglings.

Borolo: I’ve got the map for all the good it’ll do us.

Lee Dejjin breaks out of daydreaming, looks around for anything.

Quaril (humored): May I see it so we can mark almus’s trail?

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 8]

Quaril (humored):And, I have not seen the guide, I even gutted the things.

Jocelyn folds what is left of Doran’s cloak up and places it in the boat to bring back.

Lee Dejjin rises to follow the others when they start walking.

Rungor NoMountain: I can’t say I wouldn’t mind getting away from here…as much as I’d like to see mommy dearest, we have tasks to be about.

Quaril (humored): Tis true.

Jocelyn: Yes, something bigger got Doran…either their mama or a different creature.

Quaril (humored): Shall we follow our trail?

Rungor NoMountain: Aye.

Jocelyn: Probably full from it’s meal so we might not see it again.

Quaril (humored): Let us not worry about poor Doran, I fear he is already lost.

Borolo: Probably. Might.

Lee Dejjin takes out his shield and begins walking along the trail.

Quaril (humored): Hey.. might any of you have a crossbow I could borrow?

Borolo: Anyway, let’s find almus.

Lee Dejjin (shouts): SOUTHWARD HO!!!

Rungor NoMountain makes sure to take up rearguard position, and watches for signs of Almus as we follow the trail.

Perhaps twenty or thirty yards into the thick brush on your left, three creatures parallel your path. You soon realize that the creatures are humanoid, with greenish skin and a long tail. The creatures carry spears, although they make no threatening move.

Jocelyn: Greetings. (in common)

Lee Dejjin ([in): elvish] May peace follow you.

The one in the center tilts its head.

Rungor NoMountain looks around for ambushes, listening for other movement.

Lee Dejjin keeps walking.

Jocelyn: May we pass in peace? we are looking for a lost friend.*

Quaril (humored): hmm…

Lee Dejjin keeps following the trail, oblivious to the tarrying of the others.

The Swamp Men talk amongst themselves for a couple of minutes. Then one turns to you and steps forward. It speaks in heavily accented Common. “Thin Skin. What you want?”

  • [w] Quaril: Can I tell their approximate race?*

Quaril (humored): Hello. (draconic)

Jocelyn: We mean you no harm…our weapons are only drawn because we were attacked by some strange creatures as we stepped off the boat…we have lost our guide as well to a creature of some sort.

Borolo yells at Lee “Hey Fatty, stop.”

Quaril (humored): We seek a fellow “thin skin”.

Swampman Scout: “Why I tell? Our land. Our rules.”

Jocelyn: We are here to find a lost friend. He goes by the name Almus and he is supposed to be in these parts.

Lee Dejjin keeps walking.

Quaril (humored): You do not need to tell but your help would be appreciated.

Rungor NoMountain stays on guard.

Jocelyn puts rapier back in scabbard.

Quaril follows suit.

Swampman Scout: Thin skin offer gift!

Jocelyn starts walking towards the leader/speaker while talking…unarmed.

Swampman Scout: “Blade. Give blade. Shining metal.”

Lee Dejjin run back toward the Lizardfolk.

Jocelyn reaches down slowly and pulls dagger from left boot and walks up holding blade end and presents it to him.

Lee Dejjin: Thick Skins!! I bring gold shinies!!!

Like 2 darts, the other two lizardmen run up onto Lee and point their spears at him.

Quaril (humored): Shush!

Quaril (humored): Forgive him, he is.. thick-headed.

_The first one growls, “Wise Thin Skin offer gift.” _

Lee Dejjin slowly takes out his coin purse intending to present a gold piece.

Jocelyn: Lee, calm down…talking will always win out over fighting.

Quaril (humored): Let us fight with our words, and not our swords.

Jocelyn: No fighting at all…talking is always the best way.

Borolo: Okay, we’ve given you our gifts
Borolo: What do you know about the scout?

Jocelyn: My name is Joceyln, what may I call you?

Lee Dejjin: Wheres my coin purse…..

Swampman Scout: You not offer nice gift!?

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 8]

Quaril (humored): And I am Quaril.

Jocelyn: Is now really the time to worry about your gold ???

Swampman Scout: You not offer nice gift!?

Lee Dejjin: You can have it.

  • [w] Jocelyn: his coin purse is tucked in my backpack with his money.*

Jocelyn slowly draws rapier and hands it over.

Swampman Scout: “Blade. Give blade. Shining metal.”

The swampman seems to be happy with his gift.

Jocelyn: This is the shiniest metal I have, what is your name, friend ??

Borolo: [CAST] Charm Person 0

Quaril stands in front of Borolo.

One of the swampmen in back pushes forward, angrily.

Lee Dejjin gets between Swampman and Quaril.

Swampman Scout: You are trying to throk us, Thin skin no throk!

Borolo: No throk! No throk.

Lee Dejjin: Throk sounds funny. (laughs)

The accusation now has the other one going.

Lee Dejjin: Throk you too.

Rungor NoMountain (mutters): Throcking lizardmen anyways (quietly).

Swampman Scout: Throk…THORK!


Borolo: Lead lizardman, tell them I am a friend!

Borolo: Lee, shut your face!


Quaril (humored): Lee, if they attack you, I am not saving you…

The first swampman turns and growls at his comrades.

Eventually, they calm down.

  • [w] Jocelyn: pulls out my deck of cards and start doing fancy tricks with them, hoping to get their attention.*

Jocelyn: Would you like to see something spectacular?

Borolo: So. Mr. Green. Can you help us find the human we are looking for?

_The Swamp Man points South. “Man go there. Man no hurt. To bubbling water. No leave trail. Our land.” _

Lee Dejjin: Or would you Thick Skins rather I, great Wompa Wompa, THROK YOU??

Quaril (humored): Could he show us part of the way?

Borolo: Will you show us the way?

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Intimidate [MOD:CHA] [1d20+3 = 21]

The two in back grind their teeth at Lee.

Lee Dejjin: Help us or be THROKKED!

Jocelyn: Thank you for your time, great Wompa Wompa, may your hunting be prosperous for the rest of your days.

Swampman Scout: I can no lead us, we are forbidden.


He looks pained.

Quaril (humored): They are forbidden.

Swampman Scout: I can not,,,it is Forbidden!

Rungor NoMountain: Carefully takes a drink of water from his skin.


Jocelyn: Just be happy we found out anything and didn’t have to fight…let us be on our way.

Borolo: [ABILITY] Charisma check [1d20+1 = 18]

Jocelyn heads south.

The swampman almost looks pleading.

Borolo: Come on….

Quaril (humored): Dont make him do this Boro.

Lee Dejjin: Be careful around me, or I’ll come in the night and THROK YOU!

Quaril (humored): It is against their ways.

Jocelyn: Leave them be…let’s go.

Lee Dejjin: You are safe.. for now.

Quaril (humored): Thank you.

Lee Dejjin: Goodbye.

The Swampman nods but he looks extremely pained to do so.

Borolo: Hmm, I do feel kind of bad about this.

Lee Dejjin walks down the trail.

Quaril (humored): Oh boro, you have such a way with people.

Borolo: Can you tell me why you are forbidden?

Lee Dejjin keeps walking.

Quaril laughs.

He turns and says some words to the others.

The two nod and move away quickly.

Rungor NoMountain: Aye, I’m with you Jocelyn. Swampman, thank you for the information. My god would be upset if I did not leave you with a token of respect.

He turns back to you all.

Rungor NoMountain sets Doran’s share of food on the trail and walks away after Jocelyn.

Swampman Scout: Gogal does not have to lead you?

Quaril (humored): Rungor.

Borolo: You do not, but I would like to know why you fear it so much.

Quaril (humored): We may still need his rations.

Jocelyn: Gogal, if you are forbidden, then we cannot ask you to come any further.

Quaril (humored): It would give all of us an extra day on the trails.

Swampman Scout: Temple is near.

Rungor NoMountain: If it becomes difficult, I will go without.

Swampman Scout: Must not go to temple, it is forbidden.

Borolo: Whose temple? Do you know?

Jocelyn: Can you get us around the temple, Gogal?

Swampman Scout: The dark man lives there, must not go.

Quaril (humored): Do you fear the dark man?

Swampman Scout: Temple is south, dark man kills many.

Borolo: Before the bubbling water?

Swampman Scout: Kills many of Bright Water.

Swampman Scout: Um…after bubbling waters.

Jocelyn: Thank you again, Gogal, for all your help…please go be with your people and be safe !!

Borolo: Yes, thank you, gogal. You’ve been very helpful.

Swampman Scout: Travel lightly Thin skin.

Quaril (intrigued): The rapier.

With that he dissapears into the swamp.

Jocelyn: It is a gift to them for their information and letting us pass unharmed.

Quaril (intrigued): You may have needed your sword.

Lee Dejjin (shouts): THROK!

Jocelyn: I have daggers if needed.

Lee Dejjin keeps walking.

Quaril (intrigued): Okay.

Adventure Log 2

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