Adventure Log 5

Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20 = 16]
Campaign saved.
Bakky: [ATTACK #2 (M)] [1d20+1 = 3]
[w] Jocelyn: not sure if you saw my post as we ended last time, but I wanted to appraise the necklace I swiped when out of sight of the merchant
[w] → Jocelyn: give me an appraisal
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Appraise [MOD:INT] [1d20+10 = 19]
[w] → Jocelyn: You believe it to be in teh 50gp range
[w] Jocelyn: thanks
Campaign saved.
[w] → Jocelyn: you can list it as 50gp Necklace on your character sheet
[w] Jocelyn: I have a different plan for it
Effect [‘CHA: 2’] → [to Boro]
Effect [‘CHA: 2’] → [EXPIRED] [on Boro]
Boro: [SKILL] Diplomacy [MOD:CHA] [EFFECTS 1] [1d201 = 17]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SKILL] Diplomacy [MOD:CHA] [1d20+8 = 10]
Effect [‘CHA: 2’] → [to Boro]
Effect [‘CHA: 2’] → [EXPIRED] [on Boro]
Boro: [ABILITY] Charisma check [EFFECTS 1] [1d201 = 6]
Boro: [ABILITY] Charisma check [1d20 = 1]
Campaign saved.
Effect [‘CHA:2’] → [to Boro]
Effect [‘CHA:2’] → [EXPIRED] [on Boro]
Boro: [ABILITY] Charisma check [EFFECTS 1] [1d201 = 21]
Jocelyn: [ABILITY] Intelligence check [1d20+5 = 9]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [ABILITY] Charisma check [1d20+4 = 14]
Effect [‘“CHA:2”’] → [to Boro]
Effect [‘“CHA:2”’] → [EXPIRED] [on Boro]
Boro: [ABILITY] Charisma check [EFFECTS 1] [1d201 = 18]
Effect [‘DMG:1; ATK:1’] [D:20] → [to Boro]
Boro: [DAMAGE (M)] Greataxe [MULT:1.5] [EFFECTS 1] [TYPE: slashing(x3)] [1d127 = 10]
Boro: [ATTACK (M)] Greataxe [EFFECTS 1] [1d206 = 16]
Campaign saved.
Boro: [EFFECT] “CHA:2” [UNITS HR] [ROLL] 1
Bakky: [ATTACK (M)] Claws [FULL] [1d20+6 = 15]
Bakky: [ATTACK #2 (M)] Claws [FULL] [1d20+6 = 12]
Effect [‘DMG:1; ATK:1’] [D:20] → [ALREADY EXISTS] [on Boro]
Effect [‘“CHA:+2”’] → [to Boro]
Effect [‘“CHA:+2”’] → [EXPIRED] [on Boro]
Boro: [ABILITY] Charisma check [EFFECTS 1] [1d201 = 2]

Campaign saved.
[w] Jocelyn: I look for the merchant on the way back to the transient guild
[w] → Jocelyn: without knowing more about the village, you have no idea
[w] Jocelyn: I just meant I keep an eye out for him on the way back
[w] Jocelyn: and his bodyguard
[w] → Jocelyn: you don’t see him
[w] Jocelyn: ok, no biggie

Boro: [1d4 = 2]
Jocelyn: looks like one last night to sleep in a good bed for awhile
Boro: 1
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Lass, I’ve already been in this bed too long. I yearn to get back out there.
Campaign saved.
Magnis: I couldn’t agree more!
Jocelyn: you would rather go play with the mosquitos then sleep in a nice, comfy bed ??
Rungor VonFeuerburg (eager): Aye. Any day
Boro: Now I don’t see how it matters either way. The boat won’t be ready until tomorrow.
Magnis: I’d rather go find treasure and earn pay than waste my time here
Bakky: We’ll get out there soon enough me friend
Quaril: And you should be gettin back to your own plane for a time. I’ll call you in the morning.
Boro: Let’s just booze off until tomorrow
Rungor VonFeuerburg (eager): Well, if we’re going to be on travel rations, I think it’s time for a large meal and larger beer.
Jocelyn: I will see you in the morning boys
Jocelyn: heads off to my room
Boro: To the common room! Until they kick us out!
Quaril: haha, you guys go for your beer, I’m going to get some sleep as well.
Campaign saved.
Rungor VonFeuerburg (eager): May Sarenrae bless us with drink and song. Come my friend.
GM: The Transient guild has a very large common room. It has tables both large and small, comfortable chairs, 2 fire places, and a large bar and kitchen
Rungor VonFeuerburg: to common room
Boro: eats, drink and makes merry.
[w] Jocelyn: checks to see if my new rapier is on my bed when I get there
[w] Jocelyn: if so, will head to the common room for dinner
Rungor VonFeuerburg: imbibes slightly less than responsibly
Magnis points to a table in the center of the room
Magnis: There looks like a good spot
Rungor VonFeuerburg (eager): Aye,first rounds on me.
Magnis moves to sit, looks around and waves for the bar maid
[w] Jocelyn: after dinner I will stick around to see if anyone starts gambling
GM: There are 2 barmen and a Bartender…A balding, scraggly man that does not daudle much
[w] > Jocelyn: ok
[w] Jocelyn: just get back to me after dinner is done for everybody…no hurry
Magnis: Already this place sours my stomach, no bar maidens only scraggly men!
Jocelyn: orders a good meal and a non-alcoholic drink
Rungor VonFeuerburg: laughs, you should see the monestary
GM: You all are not alone though, 3 men appear to be engrossed in some kind of game at their table
Magnis orders a pint
Boro: I’ll take two whiskeys to start.
Campaign saved.
[w] Jocelyn: am I close enough to see what they are playing?
GM: The bartender grunts and gets your orders out quickly
Whisper recipient not found
Usage: /w GM [message]
Usage: /w [recipient] [message]
[w] → Jocelyn: it appears to be soome sort fo card game
Rungor VonFeuerburg: orders a larger meal and something close to turpentine
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Knowledge (local) [MOD:INT] [1d20+9 = 17]
[w] Jocelyn: are they playing for money?
[w] → Jocelyn: it appears so
GM: The food is hot,k if not so recognizable iin its stewed form
[w] Jocelyn: what is on the table…mostly silver pieces or some gold too?
GM: The ale is light, the whiskey watered
[w] → Jocelyn: a few gold but not many
[w] Jocelyn: will head over after I am done eating if they are still playing
Magnis: Seems they’ve served me ale flavored water
Rungor VonFeuerburg (eager): Something about this plant poaching business bothers me…
[w] Jocelyn: is this a game I could cheat at using my sleigh of hand skill?
Boro: hmm?
Boro: And what is that?
[w] → Jocelyn: only if you had the deal…form looking at the game, you will need to win a round to get the deal
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Just kind of strikes me the wrong way…gut feeling.
Jocelyn: hey boys, room for one more ??
Magnis moves a chair
Magnis: of course, sit.
Campaign saved.
Rungor VonFeuerburg: One more, more like half of one…but aye.
Gregor: Always room for one…Tom, move over ye blart
Jocelyn: I am joining the card game…sorry for miscommunication
GM: The men make room
Rungor VonFeuerburg: The lass may not be talking to us Magnis…seems the cards are a calling.
[w] Jocelyn: you want gambler rolls until I win?
GM: Gregor begins to deal you in
Boro: touches Jocelyn on the shoulder while looking on.
Gregor: Now normally, Lass, we gents do nay wish ta take a lasses money but you look the sort with a coin or three eh?
Boro: uses his Touch of Glory ability on her.
Jocelyn: I am sure you won’t take all of my money…
[w] Rungor VonFeuerburg: feigning drinking while keeping an eye on the game for Jocelyn’s safety
Tom: [GM] [1d10 = 3]
Corvin: [GM] [1d10 = 10]
[w] Jocelyn: does my gamber skill help at all here?
Gregor: [GM] [1d10 = 10]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Sense Motive [MOD:WIS] [1d20+5 = 20]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Sense Motive [MOD:WIS] [1d20+5 = 22]
Gregor: [GM] [1d20 = 1]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Sense Motive [MOD:WIS] [1d20+5 = 11]
Gregor: [GM] [1d20 = 14]
Gregor: [GM] [1d20 = 4]
Campaign saved.
Jocelyn: [1d10 = 2]
Gregor: [GM] [1d20 = 16]
Gregor: [GM] [1d20 = 1]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Bluff [MOD:CHA] (2) [1d206 = 12]
‘Corwin Thompson’ connection lost. Waiting for reconnect
GM: The men each throw in a silver
Gregor: A silver be the anty lass
Jocelyn: throws in a silver piece
GM: Gregor deals the cards
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 1]
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 3]
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 6]
‘Corwin Thompson’ disconnected
Jocelyn: [1d6 = 5]
GM: Gregor and Tom each throw in a silver
GM: Corvin throws in his cards
Jocelyn: throws a silver in
Corvin: Lady luck shall not be beddin with me tonight for surely
[w] Jocelyn: don’t want to waste the last 25 minutes we have doing this, but that is up to you
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Profession (gambler) [MOD:WIS] (2) [1d207 = 12]
Campaign saved.
Boro: gets kinda drunk, goes to bed.
Jocelyn: thanks boys, I appreciate the invite
Jocelyn: heads to bed
GM: The men grumble but nod you a good eve
[w] Jocelyn: I assume the rapier was there from the armory?
[w] → Jocelyn: it is
Jocelyn: packs up and heads to the common room for a good breakfast
Quaril: yawns
Boro: prays, eats a simple breakfast and prepares to embark.
‘Corwin Thompson’ connected
Jocelyn: after breakfast, heads to the docks to meet the rest
Quaril: That was an awesome night sleep!
Magnis joins the party for breakfast
Quaril: meditates for a bit then heads to breakfast
GM: Break fast is somewhat light, otas, fruit, milk, honey, tea, bread
GM: oats
GM: But the commonroom seems homey with the smells of hot food and the chatter of happy patrons
Jocelyn: another day playing with the bugs of the swamp…yeah us!!!
Boro: heads to the docks and looks for Dorian’s boat.
Rungor VonFeuerburg: packs his gear and has a little breakfast
Quaril: hey boro! hold up!
Boro: eh?
[w] → Boro: you have no trouble finding it, it has a large crossbow mountedhigh in its cent4er
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Don’t ye worry lass, you’ll find a rich dandy soon enough, but I say we catch up to the boys.
Boro: quickly now
Quaril: lets waits for the others big guy
Magnis strolls to the docks, observing the townfolk along the way
Quaril: aight aight, I’m comin, just thougt it might be nice to wait
Quaril: smiles
Campaign saved.
Jocelyn: finding treasure is always a good thing…we just didn’t find any last time
Jocelyn: except this wonderful, rusty hunting knife !!!!
Rungor VonFeuerburg (shouts): We’re a coming, get that skiff ready for us. Right behind you early risers.
[w] Jocelyn: being a little sarcastic as you can tell…testing it out for the new alignment
Magnis waves to the party as he approaches
Rungor VonFeuerburg (shouts): Careful with that, it might be precious…laughs
[w] → Jocelyn: i dont mind at all
Rungor VonFeuerburg: goes to the docks with the others
Boro: boards the skiff, sits at the base of the crossbow for balance.
[w] Jocelyn: not going to be an a
*hole but maybe the preverbial “what’s in it for me” attitude
Quaril: Do ya know how ta work the thing?
Rungor VonFeuerburg: boards the skiff, armor stowed in his pack
[w] Boro: I assume heavy crossbow proficiency is adequate?
Boro: I think I can figure it out.
Jocelyn: sits in the middle of the frontmost seat…keeping a sharp eye out on the land, water, and sky like last time
Quaril: I can fire, if you wanna load it.
Quaril: :D
Boro: We ready to set off?
Rungor VonFeuerburg: sits in the rear keeping watch and keeping track of their passage on his mapping kit.
Campaign saved.
GM: The morning is beset with a foggy mist
GM: Unfortunate for those not familiar to the layout of the rivers
Rungor VonFeuerburg: applying oil and whetstone to his greatsword and lazily recording the course
Bakky: [SKILL] Knowledge (Geography) [MOD:INT] [1d20+6 = 20]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SKILL] Survival [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 24]
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 6]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+8 = 14]
Jocelyn: hold up guys
Bakky: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+15 = 35]
Boro: danger?
Jocelyn: something just made a noise in the water ahead of us
Boro: casts Guidance on Quaril.
Magnis: something big?
Campaign saved.
[w] → Quaril: he tells you that a boat, about the size of this one…and 2 polers coming
Rungor VonFeuerburg: puts on armor coat and draws shortbow
Jocelyn: big enough to make a splash over our talking
Bakky: slow the roll
Bakky: we got a boat comin this way
Bakky: ready the crossbow
[w] Jocelyn: spidey senses kicking in ??
[w] → Jocelyn: nope
Boro: does so.
GM: The boat gets closer
Quaril: from where?
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Do they appear hostile?
Jocelyn: doesn’t appear to be a threat…yet
GM: You can barely make it out ini the thick, foggy mass
Jocelyn: I say let them come to us
Quaril: whispers : stop the boat?
GM: From out of the fog
Jocelyn: draws rapier and sets it across my lap
Jade Leaf Scout: Ahoy, throw down ye arms and prepare to be searched for contraband
Rungor VonFeuerburg: lowers bow
Jocelyn: sheathes weapon and shakes head
Quaril: but I thought we were the ones searching for contraband?
Jocelyn: great, more time wasted out here
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Aye, identify yourselves and we may comply…who be you?
Jocelyn: we are on a mission for one of yours…Dorian
GM: A boat now glides out fo the fog and now you can clearly see 4 men in teh livery of the Jade Leaf, their boat with clearly distinct markings
Jade Leaf Scout: Are ye now
Jocelyn: no, I just made up the name…of course we are !!!!
GM: As their boat pulls along side your own he looks it over carefully
Jocelyn: here is the map he gave us
Jade Leaf Scout: Well, I see that you are as it is
Jocelyn: hands map to the speaker
Jade Leaf Scout: Then we shall leave ye to it then
Jocelyn: happy hunting
Quaril: wait good sir!
Quaril: may you hep us?
Quaril: pleeaasee!
Magnis waves farewell
GM: Their poler pushes off using your boat as leverage and continues upon their way
Quaril: appears innocent and in need of help
Campaign saved.
Quaril: awh.
Jocelyn: all business…good people
GM: Their boat is quickly swallowed by the fog
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Lad, best we be about our business. They have things to tend to.
Quaril: Haha, tis true, guess it couldnt be helped.
Jocelyn: onward
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 19]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Lets get this heap moving! But if they’re here, there’s pirates in this waters, so stay watchful.
Kevin (Quaril): who is poleing?
GM: As your boat begins heading south and the shallows grow much closer to the sides of your boat, the fog thins
Jocelyn: I am guiding from the front
Hover Bikes (Boro): I am
GM: THis however doe snot give you respite because you look upon shore and see Crocodiles slither into the water just yards away from you
Quaril: O.o
Rungor VonFeuerburg: draws greatsword and stands warily, cestus on the right hand
Quaril: uhh.. bakky, you wanna take em?
Jocelyn: maybe you should test that crossbow on one of the crocs ??
Quaril: draws light crossbow
Boro: She meant the big one.
Jocelyn: yes, the one mounted to the boat
Jocelyn: for all we know, it might not even work
GM: You notice they do not appear to be headed for you and with the thrashing of water just off of your port side, the water is calm once more
Rungor VonFeuerburg: They’re just looking for dinner lass…
Jocelyn: doesn’t meant we shouldn’t have tested the crossbow
Quaril: phew -deep sigh

Boro: continues pushing the boat forward.
Rungor VonFeuerburg: But it’s a good lesson, lets stay armed and ready
GM: It is past mid day and you have nearly drained one of your Waterskins
Rungor VonFeuerburg: stands closer to Bolo
GM: and yet you are still very thirsty
Quaril: boro?
Campaign saved.
Quaril: Can I has some more water?
Rungor VonFeuerburg: yeah
Boro: refills the waterskin magically.
Quaril: holds up waterskin
Quaril: Thank you!
GM: The air smells of nearby water, a mixture of humidity, algae and decay.
GM: Short grasses carpet the shoreline, allowing an unobstructed view of a narrow water channel. Stone blocks 1 to 2 feet on a side are scattered near the water. A weathered column of similar stone blocks rises from the channel. Streaks of dark green moss enhance an appearance of great age. The column is about 30 feet high, 20 feet long, and 15 feet wide.
Bakky: The smell is… what one might say, disgusting.
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Yeah…
Boro: Is this our destination?
Quaril: ooooo
Quaril: we should check it out :D
Rungor VonFeuerburg: detect evil towards the column and stone
Jocelyn: looks like a good starting point to investigate
Jocelyn: looks for a place to tether to boat to
Jocelyn: the boat
[w] → Rungor VonFeuerburg: you do detect evil there but it is weak, but also, you detect some faintly coming froom Jocelyn as well, as if she may be aligned with such gods
[w] → Rungor VonFeuerburg: you do not have to act on such knowledge
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Tis a curious place…but yes, worth looking.
Magnis looks along the shorline for any signs of activity
[w] Rungor VonFeuerburg: going in the knowledge bank, thx
Campaign saved.
Quaril: hey bakky, anything over there?
Quaril: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+15 = 35]
[w] → Quaril: Bakky seems to think someone is up there
Campaign saved.
Boro: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 22]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20 = 4]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20 = 20]
Quaril: hey guys
Quaril: I think there might be someone up there.
Magnis: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 18]
Quaril: [SKILL] Perception [MOD:WIS] [1d20 = 6]
Boro: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+1 = 5]
Magnis: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+3 = 22]
Jocelyn: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+8 = 24]
Quaril: [SAVE] Will [1d20+3 = 14]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+4 = 13]
Quaril: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+1 = 9]
Quaril: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+6 = 15]
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 5]
Quaril: Bakky!
GM: [GM] [1d6 = 2]
Magnis jumps out of the boat
Campaign saved.
Quaril: guys! I don’t like this very much
Jocelyn: they knew we were coming…obviously they have done this before
Rungor VonFeuerburg: Aye, we need to get cover from those hurlers and be ready for more
Boro: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 18]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 6]
Jocelyn: [INIT] [1d20+7 = 21]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 15]
Quaril: [INIT] [1d20+1 = 17]
GM: [GM] [1d20 = 12]
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [INIT] [1d20 = 16]
Magnis: [INIT] [1d20+3 = 13]
Quaril: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 9]
Bakky: [INIT] [1d20+5 = 9]
Campaign saved.
Poacher: What we gots here boys, looks like More Jade Leaf Wanna bes
[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Swim [MOD:STR] [1d20+6 = 24]
[TURN] Boro
Boro: Quaril, give us some cover with that crossbow! Rocks be damned.
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Bakky
[TURN] Rungor VonFeuerburg
Campaign saved.
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 2
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20+2 = 18]
[TURN] Rungor VonFeuerburg
[TURN] Magnis
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 3
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Rungor VonFeuerburg
Rungor VonFeuerburg: [ATTACK®] Shortbow [1d20+2 = 6]
Attack 6 → [at Poacher 3] [MISS]
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 3
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20+2 = 17]
Poacher: [GM] [1d8 = 2]
[TURN] Quaril
Bakky: Bakky, pull the boat back a ways so I can give Boro cover while he climbs, I need a better angle.
[w] Jocelyn: I agree…this is simple…climb up and beat on them
[TURN] Bakky
[w] Jocelyn: they are spending so much time over thinking this for some reason
Campaign saved.
[TURN] Quaril
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 1
Quaril: [ATTACK®] Crossbow, light [CRIT 19] (1) [1d208 = 26]
Quaril: [1d6 = 4]
Quaril: [1d6 = 4]
[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Climb [MOD:STR] [1d20+6 = 13]
[TURN] Boro
Boro: [SKILL] Climb [MOD:STR] [1d20+3 = 11]
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 2
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20 = 1]
[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+4 = 15]
Attack 15 → [at Poacher 3] [HIT]
Campaign saved.
Magnis: [1d8 = 6]
[TURN] Rungor VonFeuerburg
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 3
[TURN] Rungor VonFeuerburg
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 3
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20+2 = 21]
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [CONFIRM] [1d20+2 = 7]
Poacher: [GM] [1d8 = 5]
[TURN] Bakky
[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK®] Crossbow, light [CRIT 19] [1d20+7 = 24]
Quaril: [DAMAGE®] Crossbow, light [TYPE: piercing] [1d6 = 5]
Quaril: Eat that! you meanie!
[GM] [TURN] Poacher 1
Campaign saved.
Poacher: [GM] [ATTACK®] Light Crossbow [CRIT 19] [1d20+2 = 20]

Adventure Log 5

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