Fantasy Grounds II

We will be using Fantasy Grounds II for the roleplaying interface. It can be downloaded here: Fantasy Grounds II

Up on the left side of the page you will see: Download now: All licenses (55 MB) CLick on the arrow and the download will begin. Install the software and immediately do the UPDATE.

Please do this before the game session as it takes a few minutes.

I have an Ultimate License so you should not have to buy anything.

We will have a short tutorial at our initial session so do not worry if you are unfamiliar with the program.

Connection information to my FGII server will be provided at game time.

To connect to my FG server on the left of the initial FG window select “Join Game.” Next in the center of the window will be two fields. One to the right and one to the left. The one on the left you will put your character’s first name preferably. The one on the right is where you will put my servers IP. My IP has been associated with 4 words all lower case separated by a space. I.E: abcd efgh ijkl mnop for example.

Fantasy Grounds II

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