Port Lissup

There was a tavern owner in Port Lissup who desperately needed a shipment of wine. Port Lissup was the frontier then, and everything cost a pretty silver. Even wine brought a good price, especially good elven wine. Not enough bite for me, but who am I to judge? Dwarves, now, they know how to brew a drink fit for men! But anyway, both Jak and I were fairly new to the game and needed all the business we could get. We hired some boats and rushed to the coast. At this point it was all up for grabs, and we both took on a full cargo and headed back.

Lars gives a half smile and pauses for a few moments, lost in his happy memories. Suddenly, he speaks again.

By God, I was leading him! His boat sprung a leak and he had to transfer the cargo to another. But that double-crossing swamp leech—” Lars’ voice holds admiration—”paid off those Swamp Men to drug my drinking water. The crew was out for hours. All I could do was watch his boat go right on by, shake my fist, and yell.” Lars shakes his head and grins. “Helluva businessman, that Jak. I missed him when he left to build the Trading Post. You better believe I paid him back for that one…but I think I still owe him one or two good thrashings.” Lars laughs and slaps his thigh.

-Port Lissup merchant Lars Sandersen reminisces about competition with “Hammerhead” Jak Vogron.

Port Lissup straddles the confluence of the Karkalin and Swift Rivers. Although the land between the rivers has been inhabited for many decades, the town languished as a backwater until “Hammerhead” Jak Vogron built his Trading Post below Switchback Falls almost twenty years ago. The Trading Post finally opened the Eastern Frontier to woodsmen, loggers, and adventurers, and Port Lissup served as the jumping off point for those heading east. Now the population numbers a few thousand and continues to grow as more people stream to the frontier.

A wagon track runs east from Port Lissup along the north bank of the Karkalin River. After two days of upstream travel, the last homesteads fall behind, giving way to a wilder land. In good weather, five more days pass before the thunder of Switchback Falls signals the imminent safety of the Trading Post. Most men heading for the frontier join one of the regular caravans that shuttle goods between Port Lissup and the Trading Post.

Downstream from Port Lissup, the Karkalin River widens and slows as it enters the marshlands and swamps controlled by the reclusive Village of Kith’takharos. The marshes eventually give way to firmer ground, and the Karkalin continues west towards more populous and established lands.

Port Lissup links the frontier with civilization. The town receives the products of the frontier—Isenwyd wood, furs, gold, artifacts of lost civilizations—and sends them to markets that pay well for these exotic items. In return, the goods necessary for wilderness survival and adventuring return to the Trading Post, where people pay well for these mundane items.

Starting Location

Port Lissup
Some characters will start enroute from Port lissup to Kith’takharos aboard a merchant boat that is snaking its way through the windy rivers that lead to the Frontier Village. The reasons might be diverse; They signed on to gain a little coin providing security for the merchants, They paid for passage wanting to adventure in the untamed Frontier or perhaps they are just running away from something. There are places to find setting information. Most of it is not required for someone coming from Port Lissup. Try not to peek at the setting information for roleplaying purposes.

Some character may be required or wish to begin in Kith’takharos. It would be good to familiarize yourselves with the setting in such a case. Those that intend on arriving from Port Lissup, please do not peek at the setting information for roleplaying purposes. Local characters can go to; White Haired Man to study up on the setting.

Port Lissup

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