Adventure Log 3

Jocelyn grabs dagger from back of belt and starts walking where the lizard folk pointed…carefully paying attention to the surroundings…land, sky and water.

You find yourselves moving down the trail closing the distance with Lee.

Jocelyn: I hope there aren’t any more “tolls” that need to be paid…I am running out of weapons.

Borolo is hurrying on short legs, watching the trail and the jungle around it.
Borolo: I had it covered with my magic, you could have just asked for the sword back.

Jocelyn: It’s all good…we would have not fared well if we had to fight them…We had a very poor showing against the lizards, if you remember!

Borolo: We’ll do better next time. Should have shot that sleeping lizard in the face when I had the chance. About what it deserved!

Lee Dejjin (shouting): I could’ve got the sword for you! They thought I was a Wumpa Wumpa!!

Jocelyn: As tragic as it was to lose Doran, I am glad it filled the belly of whatever creature attacked it or we surely would have been next.

Almus’ trail enters a small clearing about seven feet wide. At the center of the clearing, a pool bubbles up from somewhere below.

Borolo searches for signs of recent passage.

Chaotic patterns of boot prints surround the spring. Most have been eroded by the weather and the passage of small animals, but the patterns suggest that there may have been a scuffle at the spring. Closer examination distinguishes two types of boot prints, one larger and heavier than the other. You recognize that the lighter prints belong to Almus.

Lee Dejjin takes out spear, then stabs spear at bubbles.

Jocelyn backs up while lee attacks pool.

Lee Dejjin puts away spear, takes out sword and shield again.

Nothing…but crystal, clear looking water.

Lee Dejjin: Sorry, but you should always be safe, besides, I hate bubbles.

Borolo: How can you hate bubbles? Bubbles are wonderful.

Lee Dejjin: Because, my gnomish friend, when drowning that’s what shows on the surface.

Jocelyn bends down on one knee and scoops a handful and drinks it.

Lee Dejjin sneakily attempts to shove Jocelyn in.

Borolo examines the clearing for things other than sticks and mud and footprints.

Magnis sends his raven, Kresh, aloft to scout from the air.

As Lee approches Jocelyn, he feels he has the upper hand. As he pushes forward Jocelyn suddenly spins out of the way and Lee tumbles to his knees and falls into the shallow water.

Jocelyn: That was unwise…I suggest you don’t try it again.

Lee Dejjin (chuckling): Sorry, got to have fun some times.

In shallow water near the edge of the spring, a distorted shape gleams in the light: a fine steel hunting knife. The initials AR are engraved near the pommel. If this knife belonged to Almus, you think it unlikely he would have dropped such a weapon on purpose.

Borolo: Well, I’m pretty sure Almus was here.

Jocelyn: This is a good clue…we should search around for anything else that might be around here.

This trail has been formed by regular use, and obviously was not cut by Almus. It leaves the clearing and heads West.

Borolo hands the knife to Jocelyn.

Lee Dejjin tries to grab the knife but Jocelyn is much faster than he.
Lee Dejjin (foaming): I NEED THE BLADE! I NEED IT NOW!

Jocelyn: Your sword and spear aren’t enough ???

Lee Dejjin (foaming): GIVE IT TO ME!

Jocelyn: How many weapons can you use at once ??

Lee Dejjin begins foaming at the mouth.

Jocelyn: Listen…you better calm down and quickly…you already almost got us killed against the lizardfolk by just walking away while they were talking to us.

Lee Dejjin eyes roll inside head.

Lee Dejjin: The warrior’s death In battle noble The final breath Of the regal blade Shall be the only refuge For the soul that slayed another And his son’s birthright shall be his father’s burden ’Til the end of time.

Jocelyn ignores lee’s muttering but will now not take an eye off of him.

Lee Dejjin eyes go back to normal, stops foaming.
Lee Dejjin: Sorry, hmm?
Lee Dejjin wipes foam off mouth.

Jocelyn: Feel free to lead on to the west, Lee !!

Borolo: yes, feel free!

Lee Dejjin leads on however he had not noticed that his boot laces were tied and stumbles forward and falls prone.

Magnis follows in behind the group.

Borolo stifles a laugh.

Lee Dejjin fixes bootlaces while chuckling.

Borolo: Stop goofing around Lee, let’s go.

Lee Dejjin: Did you do this while I was out?

Jocelyn: Is this how the rest of the journey will be…nothing serious, just pranks all the time?

Lee Dejjin: I go out sometimes into a trance, please be respectful.

Borolo: Well, a few pranks now and then never hurt anybody, unless the pranks go wrong, which they do somewhat often.

Lee Dejjin leads on.

Borolo follows.

Rounding a bend in the path, you behold a terrifying sight. Some object has been attached to a tall tree on the right side of the path, a few feet off the ground. The object resembles a monstrous humanoid.

Lee Dejjin stops, stands ready for battle.

Jocelyn looks intently at it, trying to see what it might represent.

Seconds pass before you realize that the creature must have been a Swamp Man. The corpse has been aligned along the trunk of a tree, the upper torso and legs wrapped with vines to hold them fast. Both the feet and tail dangle above the ground. All moisture has been removed from the body, leaving a desiccated husk.

The lips are pulled back from a wide, grinning mouth filled with yellowed teeth. Eyeless sockets gape wide. He wears the remnants of armor or a tunic.

Borolo: The dark man?

Jocelyn: Perhaps a warning from the dark man.
Jocelyn goes as close as possible to get a better look.

Lee Dejjin relaxes and checks for supplies.
Lee Dejjin keeps walking.

Borolo hesitates, looks at the dead swamp man, and follows.

Jocelyn follows after Magnis.

The trail debouches into a clearing, and a discolored structure rises from the damp ground fifteen yards away. Constructed of a reddish marble shot through with streaks of white, the blocks are cracked, chipped, and stained by moss and mold. A short flight of stone steps wraps around the building. A row of marble columns across the front obscures an opening in the wall behind. The roof, also comprised of the reddish marble, begins twelve feet above the top of the steps and slopes upward to a peak above the columns. Intricate carvings once curved around the columns and along the walls, but these have long since faded to incomprehension.

Jocelyn occasionally looks back to make sure Rungor is keeping up.

Jocelyn: I think we found the temple that the lizard-folk told us to stay away from.

Lee Dejjin continues to move toward the Temple and enters.

Jocelyn: Wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Borolo: Wait.

Lee Dejjin (annoyed): NOO!

Jocelyn: What are you doing just walking into a place without checking it out?

Lee Dejjin (exasperated): FUUUUN!

Jocelyn: You are foolish and selfish……….UNDERSTAND !!!!!!!

Borolo: There may be traps, so watch your step.

Jocelyn: He doesn’t care, that is the problem.

The structure shows no obvious damage besides the wear of weather and age. Still, something about it seems strange. The entire building tilts slightly backward so that the first step has risen, adding a hop or a short climb to reach the level of the columns.

Jocelyn: Let us know if there are any traps, Lee…we will wait here for you to enter alone.

Lee Dejjin takes out torch and lights it, then waves it around searching in vain for traps.

A block of plain stone sits centered between two open doorways. About ten feet wide, seven feet deep, and three feet high, the block’s rough surface represents a stark contrast to the beauty of the surrounding stonework. Black splotches spread across the top and down the sides. A strong metallic scent fills the air near the block, obvious to any fighting man as the smell of dried blood.

Jocelyn searches that area for traps.

Borolo enters the temple.

Jocelyn walks up to entrance with dagger in hand and searches the doorway for traps.

Borolo standing on the threshhold, casts detect magic and directs his attention towards the altar.

Magnis: Looks like they’ve performed sacrifices here.

Lee Dejjin goes into trance as previously.

Jocelyn walks up to altar and searches it intently for any types of traps.

Lee Dejjin (yelling): BLOOOD!
Lee Dejjin scratches at altar.
Lee Dejjin (yelling): BLOOD!

Jocelyn: Seriously, Lee…stop now before i stop you myself.

Lee Dejjin looks at Jocelyn.
Lee Dejjin: What? Lee is my son.

Jocelyn: The next time you touch something or go somewhere after I say ‘stop I need to check it’ you will not see the sun rise again.

Lee Dejjin goes back to normal, gets off altar.
Lee Dejjin shakes head.

Borolo: Does that mean your going to blind him or kill him?

Lee Dejjin: Sorry, the trance, right?
Lee Dejjin: What did I say?
Lee Dejjin: I don’t have control in the trance, Jocelyn.
Lee Dejjin: I really don’t.

Jocelyn: Sorry to hear that…but that isn’t my problem…keeping us alive is my problem right now.

Lee Dejjin: Ok then.
Lee Dejjin: Good for you.

Jocelyn is spending time looking around the alter.

Lee Dejjin peers at the next room.

Jocelyn: Altar looks clear for traps or hidden compartments.

This empty room runs about thirty feet in length and fifteen feet in width, with identical open doorways at either end.

A wide hallway extends about thirty feet. Two open doorways gape along the right side of the hallway, as well as another at the far end. A thin, chill fog drifts from the second doorway on the right. Outside that door, the floor gleams with a coating of ice. The ice spreads out in a rough semicircle up to five feet from the doorway.

Jocelyn searches first 5 feet of my room.

There is nothing of note in this room.

Jocelyn: Looking for floor traps mainly.

Borolo steps up behind Lee.

Lee Dejjin enters second doorway on right.

Jocelyn searches doorway for traps before entering.

Borolo: There’s magic here.

Lee Dejjin (slightly puzzled): Magic?

Jocelyn looks in all directions to see what I can see.

Lee Dejjin enters second doorway on right and looks around.

Ice coats the walls, floor, and ceiling, dotted with patches of snow. The room temperature must be well below freezing, despite exposure to the swamp heat through an open doorway. A man sheathed in ice sits with his back against the far wall. Although the ice distorts his features, the man’s face clearly shows surprise. He wears exploring clothes, a short sword at his waist, and green leather armor. Except for being frozen, he appears uninjured. This man fits the description of Almus Rundarig.
This room contains two southern doorways that lead into the structure’s interior. Other doorways open to the shore and to rooms enclosed by columns._

Lee Dejjin (shouts): I FOUND HIM!!!!!

Magnis stands at doorway facing Jocelyn.

Lee Dejjin: I FOUND ALMUS!

Borolo goes to the edge of the ice.

Jocelyn searches entrance way for traps.

Large columns line the perimeter of this spacious area. A single doorway opens to the west.

Borolo: Cold?

Magnis moves in behind Jocelyn.

Lee Dejjin (annoyed): Damn yes it’s cold.

Lee Dejjin drinks his last potion.

Borolo enters the room in the first door on the right, begins to search.

Slim marble columns frame three sides of this small room. A single doorway opens to the east.

Lee Dejjin: I can’t go in there…..
Lee Dejjin: It’s cold as death….

Magnis: Jocelyn, do you hear that? Strange buzzing sound.

Lee Dejjin enters trance.

The room reeks with the smell of urine and unwashed flesh. A foul bedroll rests against the south wall, and a pile of tattered clothing lay in the southeast corner.

Jocelyn searches the western room as well for traps and anything of note.

Borolo: Ugh.

Lee Dejjin: Death… The unveiling…. the ever-present prison…

On the Wall Borolo you see a few words written in common, “Awaken the Sleepers.”

You notice it is written in dried blood.

Jocelyn searches the middle northern entrance way for traps and anything else.

Borolo: Awaken the sleepers…


Lee Dejjin stands entranced but resolute.

Borolo walks past lee into the next chamber to the north.

Jocelyn: Icoming !!!! in the air !!!!

Magnis releases Kresh into the air.

[TURN] Magnis
Magnis casts Magic Missle, [1d4 = 3]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 11]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn: [ATTACK (M)] dagger [1d20-1 = 2]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 6
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 18]
The blood Mosquito to the north of you comes in and attaches its Probiscis past your armor into your skin.
[DAMAGE (M)] Proboscis [1d4 = 1]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 5
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 15]
The blood Mosquito to the north of you comes in and attaches its Probiscis past your armor into your skin
[DAMAGE (M)] Proboscis [1d4 = 1]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 1
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 4]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 3]

[TURN] Borolo
1 [1d201 = 21]
[1d20 = 14]
[1d20 = 2]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 6]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 2
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 13]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 13]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [1d4 = 2]
Kresh: [1d20 = 9]

[TURN] Quaril

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn: [ATTACK (M)] dagger [1d20-1 = 17]
Attack 17 → [at Blood Mosquito 6] [HIT]

Lee Dejjin snaps out of trance.

Quaril: [CAST] Burning Hands [at Blood Mosquito 4] 0
Quaril: [CAST] Burning Hands [at Blood Mosquito 3] 0
Quaril: [CAST] Burning Hands [at Blood Mosquito 5] 0
[SAVE] Reflex [VS DC 14] [RM] [SUCCESS] [1d20+2 = 21]
[SAVE] Reflex [VS DC 14] [RM] [SUCCESS] [1d20+2 = 21]
[SAVE] Reflex [VS DC 14] [RM] [FAILURE] [1d20+2 = 4]
Quaril: [DAMAGE] Burning Hands [TYPE: fire,spell] [1d4 = 1]

Jocelyn: [DAMAGE (M)] dagger [1d4-1 = 1]
Damage 1 → [to Blood Mosquito 6]

Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 6]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 19]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 21]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 13]
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 15]
GM: [GM] [1d4 = 4]
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 1]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 6
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 6]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 25]
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [1d20+6 = 22]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 5]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 5]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 5
Original attack = 20+0=20
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 20]
Original attack = 20+0=20
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [CONFIRM] [1d20 = 20]
[1d4 = 3]
[1d4 = 1]

Blood Mosquito 1
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 1]

Quaril falls prone.

Blood Mosquito 4
Original attack = 20+0=20
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 20]
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [CONFIRM] [1d20 = 17]
[1d4 = 2]
[1d4 = 1]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20 = 10]
Attack 10 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [MISS]

Lee Dejjin: For all the black days we ever had from insects!!!

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 4]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 2]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [1d4 = 3]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [1d20 = 5]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 8]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 22]
Jocelyn: [SKILL] Tumble [MOD:DEX] [1d20+4 = 21]
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 12]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 6
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 6]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 10]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 1
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 13]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 9]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20 = 16]
Attack 16 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [HIT]
Borolo: [DAMAGE (M)] Rapier [TYPE: piercing] [1d4-1 = 1]
Damage 1 → [to Blood Mosquito 4]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 5]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
[1d4 = 3]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: 1 [1d41 = 3]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [1d20 = 18]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn searches room.

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 6
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 2]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 21]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 10]
Lee Dejjin (shouts): FOUL BEASTIE!!! FALL AT MY BLADE

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 1
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 6]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: 1 [1d81 = 6]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 8]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 3]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [1d6 = 1]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 18]
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [CONFIRM] [1d20-1 = 2]
Quaril: [1d6 = 3]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn checks room without entering.
Jocelyn: [SAVE] Reflex [1d20+5 = 10]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 15]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 8]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 1
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 19]
[DAMAGE (M)] Proboscis [1d4 = 1]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 1]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [1d6 = 2]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 6]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
[SAVE] Will [1d20+1 = 21]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+2 = 3]
Attack 3 → [at Blood Mosquito 3] [AUTOMATIC MISS]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 9]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn searches intently in the room…trying to see how to remove the frozen body.

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 15]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 10]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 8]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20 = 11]
Attack 11 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [MISS]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 2]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 3
GM: [GM] [ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 4]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+2 = 22]
Attack 22 → [at Blood Mosquito 3] [AUTOMATIC HIT]
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [CONFIRM] [1d20+2 = 7]
Attack 7 → [at Blood Mosquito 3] [CRIT NOT CONFIRMED]
Magnis: [1d6 = 6]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 15]
Quaril: [1d6 = 3]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn begins chipping at the ice with both hunting knives…just in case one of them can actually do anything…starting with the ice on the floor outside the room.

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 7]
Lee Dejjin: [ABILITY] Dexterity check [1d20+3 = 23]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 8]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+3 = 20]
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d202 = 13]
Attack 13 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [MISS]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 11]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+2 = 17]
Attack 17 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [HIT]
Magnis: [1d6 = 1]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d201 = 6]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn continues chipping the ice on the floor, trying to make a path to the body.

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 11]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 4
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 3]

[TURN] Borolo
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [1d202 = 22]
Attack 22 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [AUTOMATIC HIT]
Borolo: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] (2) [CONFIRM] [1d202 = 13]
Attack 13 → [at Blood Mosquito 4] [CRIT NOT CONFIRMED]
Borolo: [DAMAGE (M)] Rapier [TYPE: piercing] [1d4-1 = 2]
Damage 2 → [to Blood Mosquito 4]

Quaril: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 5]

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 10]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+2 = 6]
Attack 6 → [at Blood Mosquito 7] [MISS]

[TURN] Quaril
Magnis: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 15]
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 5]

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 6]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn continues chipping the ice towards the body.

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 7]
Lee Dejjin: [ABILITY] Dexterity check [1d20+3 = 7]
Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Spot [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 16]

[TURN] Borolo

[TURN] Blood Mosquito 7
[ATTACK (M)] Proboscis [1d20 = 17]
[1d4 = 4]


[TURN] Magnis
Magnis: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 14]
Magnis: [ATTACK®] Ranged attack [1d20+2 = 10]
Attack 10 → [at Blood Mosquito 7] [MISS]

[TURN] Quaril
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [1d20-1 = 19]
Quaril: [ATTACK (M)] Rapier [CRIT 18] [CONFIRM] [1d20-1 = 9]
Quaril: [1d6 = 6]

[TURN] Jocelyn
Jocelyn continues chipping at the floor to get to the body.
Jocelyn: [SAVE] Fortitude [1d20-1 = 3]

[TURN] Lee Dejjin
Lee Dejjin: [ATTACK (M)] Longsword [CRIT 19] [1d20+6 = 24]
Lee Dejjin: [DAMAGE (M)] Longsword [TYPE: slashing] [1d8+4 = 12]

Borolo: Anyone have any rope?
Borolo: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+6 = 11]

Magnis: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+2 = 11]

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 4]

Quaril: [ABILITY] Dexterity check (2) [1d206 = 16]
Quaril: 1 [1d81 = 6]

Lee Dejjin: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] [1d20+1 = 7]

Borolo: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] (2) [1d208 = 22]

Magnis: [SKILL] Listen [MOD:WIS] (2) [1d204 = 9]

Borolo: Guys! I don’t think we killed all the bugs!
Borolo: There are more out in the swamp!

Quaril: Then we better hurry :D

Jocelyn: I am sure there are endless bugs around here.

Quaril: Hey lee! come here!

Jocelyn: We need to get the body and go !!!

Quaril: I’m going to try to burning hands the room.
Quaril: Right after you run in and get him?

Borolo: I’m not sure that’s a good idea.

Lee Dejjin: It’s too cold in there…..

Borolo: Anyone have rope in their pack?

Quaril: You got a better one?

Jocelyn: The ice chipping was working, we just have to survive the cold.

Quaril: Melting the ice would be faster and the fire might keep it warm for a bit.

Jocelyn: The chipping would take minutes…we don’t have minutes.

Quaril: Just tell me when your ready Lee.

Jocelyn: Try the burning hands and if it works we can run in and grab the body.

You all now hear a loud buzzing coming from the North.

Lee Dejjin: I’m not going in there, EVER.

Jocelyn: Now would be a good time to do it…more bugs on the way.

Quaril: Alright, you wanna go with me Josy?

Jocelyn: Set the room on fire !!!

Quaril: We can try together?

Jocelyn: Sure, let’s do this

Quaril: [CAST] Burning Hands 0
Quaril: [1d4 = 3]

Borolo: [1d6 = 1]

Jocelyn: [1d4 = 2]
Jocelyn: [DAMAGE (M)] dagger [1d4-1 = 2]
Jocelyn: [SAVE] Fortitude [1d20-1 = 2]

Quaril: [SAVE] Fortitude [1d20 = 17]
Quaril: [ABILITY] Strength check (2) [1d201 = 20]

Adventure Log 3

Kith'takharos, The Wild Frontier BishopOmega